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Agile Manufacturing: Forging New Frontiers

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Agile Manufacturing: Forging New Frontiers

book cover

Agile Manufacturing

Paul T Kidd

ISBN 0-201-63163-6 (Hardbound)
Publisher: Addison Wesley
Price: See buy on-line link
Publication Date: June 1994

Agile manufacturing represents a quantum leap forward in manufacturing that will enable the West to gain a real competitive advantage over the Japanese. However, the term is often regarded as synonymous to Lean production, Flexible manufacturing or CIM. This book sets out to define Agile Manufacturing and to dispel the mistaken beliefs that surround it.

The book will show you how our traditions, values and beliefs, based on outdated ideas and philosophies, block the path to achieving Agile Manufacturing. The book then maps the way forward by showing you how a revolutionary approach is needed to designing and implementing manufacturing systems and technologies, where the emphasis is on levering the skills and knowledge of people in the organization.

This book will :

1. Help you to understand Agile Manufacturing around four key concepts;

2. Show you how systems-thinking provides you with a basis for agile manufacturing enterprise design;

3. Present you with a new management accounting and investment appraisal model;

4. Provide you with suitable systems design processes for achieving agile manufacturing;

5. Introduce you to concept of skill and knowledge enhancing technologies.


The author, Paul T. Kidd, is a recognised authority on agile manufacturing.


Praise for Agile Manufacturing: Forging New Frontiers


“Danger, Agile Manufacturing: Forging New Frontiers should not be read by the timid, faint of heart and complacent, because it challenges our manufacturing thinking at the core. The good news is that Paul Kidd rebuilds amidst the shambles of the old world thinking a new understanding more exciting and empowering than our wildest dreams. He has made a most significant contribution to theoretical and practical thought about manufacturing.”
Charles M. Savage (author of 5th Generation Management)
Knowledge Era Enterprises Inc


“Agile Manufacturing: Forging New Frontiers provides an excellent framework for understanding and designing appropriate systems in support of agile manufacturing.”
Vish Narayanan
General Motors Corp


“Agile Manufacturing: Forging New Frontiers is a must read for anyone interested in this field.”
Anil Lal


“Agile Manufacturing: Forging New Frontiers provides a coherent discussion of the what, why, who and how of agile manufacturing. The book will be enlightening to business managers and engineers as they plan for the 21st century.”
Rick Koubeck
School of Industrial Engineering
Purdue University


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