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Call for Papers

eBusiness and eWork 2000 Conference and Exhibition
Madrid, Spain, 18-20 October 2000

Abstracts are invited for the eBusiness and eWork Conference. Formerly known as EMMSEC, the event's scope is now based on the new European initiative in New Methods of Work and Electronic Commerce, which is part of the European Commission's Information Society Technologies (IST) programme. The conference provides a forum for presentation and discussion of new highly innovative developments in e-work, e-business and e-commerce and issues related to individuals, organisations and markets in the emerging digital economy. The programme combines strategic keynote presentations, technical papers, panel discussions, an exhibition and social activities with a partner's programme.

The event is supported by the European Commission but papers are welcome from all sources. Topics include, but are not restricted to:

Next generation middleware technologies
Models & techniques for market mediation (portals, auctions, brokerage, …)
Knowledge technologies
Embedded systems for business and work applications
Intelligent systems for eCommerce
Smart cards and their applications
Security and privacy enhancing methods, technologies & tools, mobile code, open source
Digital signatures, encryption technologies
Trust, confidence, trusted third parties, WAP PKI
Wireless technologies and systems

Mobile internet & eCommerce applications
Virtual trading marketplaces
SME solutions
On-line financial services & payments
Electronic procurement
Plug & play solutions for dynamic extended enterprises and supply chain management applications
Smart organisations
Web-enabled cross-enterprise business processes
Knowledge management
Sustainable workplaces & workplace design

Challenges for an all-inclusive networked economy
Socio-economic effects on society & the environment
Job creation & employment aspects
eBusiness & eWork in emerging economies
Critical success factors for eBusiness
New economic indicators and metrics
Intangible assets management
Extended products: tangibles & intangibles
Macro-economic characteristics of the digital economy
eBusiness models & rules
Inter-operability and standardisation
Legal issues & taxation
Private copies & rights management issues
Social inclusion in work

Awareness and dissemination of best practices
Sectoral and regional development (the "regional digital economy")
Technology transfer issues
International "testbeds"
Entrepreneurship & investment capita

The conference language is English and abstracts are invited for technical papers or for arranging complete sessions. Abstracts, of no more than 300 words, should be emailed by 31 March 2000 to:
Paul T Kidd,
The abstract heading should state the title of the paper and the principal author's name and organisation, address, telephone, fax and email

Please use ebconf followed by your surname as the subject. In the case of joint authors, communications will be with the first named author who will be assumed to be the presenter unless we are informed otherwise. Any number of abstracts may be submitted but normally an author will not be invited to present more than one paper. The Conference will follow a format of twenty minutes allowed for technical presentations, including questions. The event takes place in the attractive city of Madrid and the author's registration fee will be approximately 550 Euro. Papers cannot be presented or published in the proceedings unless presenters have registered and paid the participant's fee before the papers are sent to the publisher. Authors, therefore, will need to have paid by 14 July 2000.

Publishing schedule
Technical and plenary papers will be professionally published in book form which will be issued on the opening day. This requires the following time scale

  • Abstracts submitted before 31 March
  • Abstracts accepted by 14 April
  • Draft papers submitted by 12 May
  • The Programme Committee's comments returned by 31 May
  • Final papers to be delivered in camera-ready format by 30 June
There will be an exhibition of posters and demonstrations covering eBusiness and eWork showcases, project results, software applications, services and publications. Posters must describe potential industrial benefits and be mainly visual, with any further details in handouts. A Call for the exhibition will be mailed with the advance programme.