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e2000 Plenary Papers - Edited Versions

Here you may view edited versions of the plenary papers presented at e2000. To see the full texts you will need to obtain a copy of the e2000 proceedings. These contain other strategic papers as well as technical papers resulting from IST Programme Key Action II Projects.

The proceedings of the e2000 conference were published by IOS Press. Further details can be found elsewhere on the website. Copies can be purchased from IOS Press directly:

IOS Press, Nieuwe Hemweg 6B, 1013 BG Amsterdam
The Netherlands, Tel: +31 20 688 33 55 Fax: +31 20 620 34 19

Towards a mobile Information Society
Göran Wahlberg, Director Systems & Technology, Nokia Corporation
Infoville: A large scale implementation of a Smart Community model
Manual Perez Muro, General Manager Spain, Oracle
Social Inclusion in the Information Society
George Hall, Director Corporate Affairs, ICL
Time-to-Knowledge: The New World Challenge
Mike Couzens, Vice President Marketing and Training, Cisco
Achieving European Competitiveness in a Knowledge Based Economy
Marc Auckland, World-wide Chief Knowledge Manager, British Telecommunications, UK
Electronic Procurement
Steven R. Leonard, President EDS E.Solutions EMES, United Kingdom
Helping Small UK Firms into the Digital World
Jenny Searle, Director, Information Society Initiative, DTI, United Kingdom
e-Europe and the IST Programme
Rosalie Zobel, Director, The European Commission