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Background Information on the eBusiness & eWork Conferences

The eBusiness & eWork conferences were previously called EMMSEC, which in turn developed out of a series of events organised around research projects funded by the European Commission's Esprit research programme, in the area of Embedded Microprocessor Systems.

Starting in Florence, Italy, in 1997, when the EMMSEC name was first used, the scope of the conference was expanded to include Electronic Commerce and Multimedia. EMMSEC 98 was held in Bordeaux, France, and EMMSEC 99 in Stockholm, Sweden, where the scope was expanded once more to include new Business Processes.

In 2000 it was decided to rename the EMMSEC event as eBusiness 7 eWork and to focus on the areas of eCommerce, eBusiness and New Methods of Work. Multimedia, embedded systems and business processes would still be addressed, but only in relation to the main themes of the conference.

eBusiness & eWork conferences, like EMMSEC have:

  • Plenary sessions on strategic issues and several parallel streams for technical papers;
  • Special sessions organised by Commission funded projects and relevant external organisations;
  • An exhibition with booths and demonstrations;
  • Informal discussions at coffee breaks, luncheons and cocktail receptions;
  • A partners programme that aids contacts and can attract more senior managers;
  • Full text proceedings as a published book.

Cheshire Henbury organises the eBusiness & eWork conferences in partnership with a number of other companies located in different parts of Europe.