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e2002 Exhibition

Demonstrations and posters

An accompanying display covers products, software, services, publications and research projects. e2002 provides an ideal opportunity to demonstrate products or show project progress and results. Participation in the display can be a very rewarding experience, as it gives the opportunity to make Europe-wide contacts and to hold meaningful discussions with industrialists from many different sectors and countries.

For Commission funded projects, a demonstration or poster at e2002 will significantly contribute towards the obligations to exploit project results and disseminate information by helping to develop market awareness and making industrial user contacts. Exhibitors at previous events include companies such as, Asita Technologies, Astra Satellite, EDS, MINEit Software, as well as research organisations, IST projects and many small companies.

Exhibition spaces are free of charge to all paid delegates. This means that companies and organisations wishing to exhibit must register for the conference and pay the conference fee for all the people who will staff the exhibit. Further information about delegate fees can be found elsewhere on this web site.

Panels and spaces are free but organisations wishing to provide a demonstration or poster exhibit must register for the conference and pay the conference fee for all the people who will staff the demonstration. Space is limited and will be allocated on a first come first served basis. If you have specific questions or booking enquires about a demonstration or poster, please contact the exhibition secretariat (see email contact below). An exhibition space booking form can also be obtained from the exhibition secretariat.

Technical details for exhibitors

An essential part of e2002 is the display area which gives a practical, visual dimension to the event and is also acts as a focus for personal networking. There is no charge for space but all demonstration and poster presenters must register and pay as delegates. As usual, meals and refreshments will be taken in the demonstration and display areas.

Display of Posters - format and content

Poster presenters will be provided with a vertical panel one metre wide on which to fix the poster. Posters may be any size but a useful standard is landscape A1 (84 x 59 cms). Presenters should aim for a professional appearance so it is probably better to bring pre-mounted material and not to bring separate photos or text to put directly on to the panel. It is expected that most research projects will opt for a poster. Posters should concentrate on showing actual or potential outputs rather than describing background or technical developments. The aim should be for visual effect by limiting the text (in English) and communicating by pictures and diagrams. Typical questions that should be covered are:

  • What problems are addressed and why?
  • What industrial benefits are anticipated?
  • What are the actual social and environmental gains in time, resources or costs?
  • How could outputs be implemented?
  • What action (eg contact, read) should the viewer take?

Demonstrations - format and content

Stand space for demonstrations will be 2 metres wide by 1 metre deep and where requested will be made from four vertical panels each one metre wide. Stands will have a table, chair and a five amps electricity socket. It you apply for a stand then you must be prepared to actually demonstrate something, such as computer software or equipment. (If you have nothing but literature to show, you should apply for a poster). The stand walls should be used to display descriptive posters that should generally confirm with the rules for posters given above.

Posters and demonstrations procedures

1.All demonstration and poster presenters must register and pay as delegates to the conference.
2.There is no charge for hire of panels, stand space, the furniture provided, or the use of electricity. Other equipment must be hired locally or brought to the event. Internet access must be paid for.
3.Stands should be staffed during exhibition times - breaks and lunches. Poster presenters may remain by their posters if they wish, but if not, should try to provide details of how and when delegates can make contact.
4.Display material may be put in place between 14.00 and 20.00 on Tuesday 15 October or before 08.30 on Wednesday 16 October. Display material must not be removed before 14.00 on Friday 18 October. Materials left after 15.00 on Friday will be treated as abandoned and will be disposed of.
5.The Programme Committee reserves the right to ask for the removal of any material, posters and literature that is judged to be of poor quality or inappropriate.
6.The organisers cannot accept liability for any loss or damage however caused and so each organisation should take out the necessary insurance cover to cover personnel and property.

Exhibition Space Registration Form

The exhibition secretariat can provide answers to any questions that you may have and also supply an exhibition registration form. Please use the box below to send an email.

Bookings for the e2002 exhibition have now closed