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IST 2003 - "The Opportunities Ahead"

2-4 October, 2003, Milan, Italy

The theme of the IST 2003 event held in Milan, Italy was The Opportunities Ahead. The event was organised within the framework of the Italian European Union Presidency by the European Commission's Information Society Directorate-General, the Lombardy region and the Italian Ministry of Technology and Innovation. IST 2003 was held in partnership with SMAU, one of Europe's largest ICT events, and with the participation of the European Investment Forum.

The conference part of the even was focussed around a number of spotlight topics. These covered:

  • New broadband and wireless applications;
  • Advanced interfaces using all our senses;
  • Grids and peer-to-peer paradigms;
  • The move towards the nano-scale;
  • Cutting across these four topics, there was special focus placed on small and medium size enterprises and their role in seizing and stimulating opportunities.

As in the previous years, the purpose of the IST event was to show the latest European strategies concerning the ICT world, from security items to technology researches, from telecommunications liberalisation to broadband services.


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