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News Releases

16.12.02 eChallenges takes over running of eBusiness and eWork event
09.12.02 More Results from IST Programme Key Action II Projects Published
28.10.02 Knowledge management discussed in Prague
21.10.02 IST 2002 follows on from e2002
16.10.02 e2002 conference in Prague
15.10.02 The eBusiness needs of Newly Associated States to be addressed in Prague
30.09.02 Trust and e-marketplaces to be addressed in Prague
23.09.02 eGovernment to be discussed at e2002
16.09.02 e2002 Kicks Off European Commission's Autumn Conference Season
21.08.02 Prague is venue for discussions on Internet challenges
30.07.02 eBusiness and eWork 2002 addresses area singled out by European Parliament
22.07.02 Key Action II Achieves Good Response to Calls for Expressions of Interest
17.07.02 Commission Publishes Advanced Programme for eBusiness and eWork 2002 conference
10.06.02 Getting ready for Europe's Framework Programme Six
25.04.02 Commission Achieves good Response to the call for papers for the eBusiness and eWork 2002 conference
16.04.02 Commission announces eBusiness and eWork 2002 conference
04.02.02 Human Language Technology can play a vital role in enabling eBusiness markets
02.01.02 Commission announces Plenary Speakers for e2002 conference
21.12.01 Europe set firmly at the Heart of eBusiness Development
26.11.01 Virtual eBusiness and eWork Conference Launched
17.11.01 XML Can Play a Role in European E-business Integration
12.11.01 E-business in European Manufacturing Discussed in Venice
05.11.01 European Commission Supports the Development of eBusiness for the Construction Industry
29.10.01 Results from IST Programme Key Action II Projects Published
23.10.01 IST 2001 follows on from e-2001
19.10.01 Europe states its role as a driver of eBusiness development
15.10.01 European Commission Supports Exploratory High Risk/Long Term E-business Research
09.10.01 Electronic Procurement Rapidly Becoming the Preferred Means of Purchasing
02.10.01 Security Still a Big Concern
25.09.01 European Countries Top the League of Knowledge-based Economies
18.09.01 IST Programme Addresses the E-business Needs and Problems of SMEs
12.09.01 Integration and Standards - Key Success Factors in E-business
29.08.01 187 papers to be presented at e-2001 in Venice
04.07.01 Preparations for Framework Programme VI
15.01.01 Significant Industrial Support for the e-2001 Conference
18.10.00 Make or Break for Internet Europe
01.08.00 Big Names in Internet Heading for Madrid
18.04.00 Madrid to Host Internet Event