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e2000 Programme

eBusiness and eWork 2000 Conference and Exhibition
Madrid, Spain, 18-20 October 2000

eBusiness & eWorkConference
NH Eurobuilding Hotel, Madrid, Spain
18-20 October 2000

Programme (18/10/00)

Exhibition and coffee breaks take place at 10.20 and 15.20 each day
Exhibition and luncheon will be served at 12.20 each day


Day one. Wednesday 18 October 2000

08.00 onwards Registration

09.00 Session 1: Plenary - The challenge of the digital economy
Chairman: Rosalie Zobel, The European Commission

Baudillo Tomé, Secretary of State for Telecommunications and for the Information Society, Science and Technology Ministry, Spain
Towards a mobile Information Society
Göran Wahlberg, Director Systems & Technology, Nokia Corporation
Infoville. A large scale implementation of a Smart Community model
Manual Perez Muro, General Manager Spain, Oracle
Societal issues relative to the growth of commercial implementation
George Hall, Director Corporate Affairs, ICL

11.00 Session 2: Plenary - Shaping the electronic landscape
Chairman: Rosalie Zobel, The European Commission

Internet enabled E-learning
Mike Couzens, Vice President Marketing and Training, Cisco
Competing in a knowledge economy in Europe
Marc Auckland, World-wide Chief Knowledge Manager, British Telecommunications, UK
Electronic Procurement
Arnold Cobbaert, Vice President E.Solutions EMES, EDS, Belgium

14.00 Session 3A: Mobile and electronic work
Chairman: John Beer, Canon, UK

E-collectivism: Emergent Opportunities for Renewal
Anne-Marie Greene, Aston Business School, United Kingdom
Sustainable Workplace & Workplace Design: From Definitions towards a Conceptual Model
Cristina Caramelo Gomes, Salford University, United Kingdom
Mobile Multimedia Solutions for After-Sales Service of Agricultural Equipment
Sami Linnainmaa, Network Development Consulting, Finland
Prime Minister's Questions
Michael Collins, Lloyd's Policy Signing Office, United Kingdom

14.00 Session 3B: What is our organisation worth
Chairman: Joao Cabral, ISD, Portugal

Intangible Asset Management: Recognising, Valuing and Managing Intellectual Capital
Philip O'Regan, University of Limerick, Ireland
Information age business and knowledge-driven virtual market places
Dietmar Boenke, Fachhochschule Reutlingen, Germany
People and Knowledge in the NetEconomy
Fabián García Pastor, Meta4, Spain
Defining a framework for the new economy indicators: Challenges for companies performance and Public policy
Ahmed Bounfour, Research on Competitive Strategies, France

14.00 Session 3C: Mobile e-commerce and e-work
Chairman: Bosco Fernandes, Siemens, Germany

Requirements for Mobile Electronic Commerce
Aphrodite Tsalgatidou, University of Jyväskylä, Finland
eBusiness Solutions for Flexible Mobility Services in Europe
Giorgio Ambrosino, Azienda di Trasporto dell'Area Fiorentina, Italy
Smart organisations: Benefits of mobile Internet to business processes
Elena Guardo, Altran Sdb, Spain
The value added of mobile communication in business-to-business commerce
Vesa Kämäräinen, Helsinki University of Technology, Finland

14.00 Session 3D: Dealing in confidence
Chairman: Luis Prieto, Ministry of Industry, Spain

A security chain for Trust and Confidence
Laurent Beslay, Institute for Prospective Technological Studies, Spain
Authenticating Web-Based Virtual Shops Using Verifiable Visual Seals
Hiroshi Yoshiura, Hitachi, Japan an on-line business certification and quality label scheme for e-businesses
Agnes Beathe,, Norway
Framework for Online Intermediary Liability
Mikko Välimäki, Helsinki University of Technology, Finland

14.00 Session 3E: Building the right consortium to streamline international cooperation
Chairman: Benigno Lacort, CDTI, Spain
The IDEALIST project: Objectives and goals. Finding partners for IST Programme
Roland Pleger, DLR, Germany
IT industry in new Associated Countries. Opportunities and prospects for cooperation
Marek Tiitz, Archimedes, Estonia
How to write good proposals in collaborative projects
Benigno Lacort, CDTI, Spain
Brokerage event Open to participants already subscribed to electronic brokerage.

14.00 Session 3F SME Accelerating e-commerce take-up by SMEs
Chairman: Floris Kolvenbach, The Digital Film Centre, The Netherlands

Promotion of Electronic Commerce in SMEs through a network of local business Centres
Concha Mayoral, Ministerio de Ciencia y Tecnología, Spain
Distance Consulting for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
Giovanni Fulantelli, Italian National Research Council, Italy
PREMISE: Increasing European SMEs' Take-up of Electronic Commerce
Lindsay Wittenberg,, United Kingdom
Accelerating e-commerce in Europe through networked regional and national activities
Khalen Azzam, FTK, Germany

16.00 Session 4A: Intelligent Workflow Management
Chairman: Geir Horn, SINTEF, Norway

Managing Changes to Complex Products in a Distributed Engineering Environment
Michael Goltz, Technische Universität Clausthal, Germany
A R&D Road Map for AI Planning applied to Workflow Management
Daniel Borrajo, Universidad Carlos III, Spain
An Agent-based Workflow System for Inter-enterprise Business Processes
Asuman Dogac, Middle East Technical University, Turkey
Virtual Service Enterprise Services: An Architecture Framework
Klaus-Dieter Kreplin, empirica, Germany

16.00 Session 4B: Dynamic virtual enterprises
Chairman: Bror Salmelin, Head of Unit the European Commission

Extended Products in Dynamic Enterprises
Jens Eschenbächer, University of Bremen, Germany
ICT support for dynamic virtual enterprises in one-of-a-kind industries
Matti Hannus, VTT, Finland
From Business Integration to E-Business
João José Ferreira, INESC, Portugal
A Virtual Database Management System For The Internet
Alberto Pan, University of A Coruña, Spain

16.00 Session 4C: Digital enterprises
Chairman: Floris Kolvenbach, Digital Film Center, Netherlands

Successful E.Commerce Business Design
Joaquin Yun-Cabrera, ALCATEL ESPAÑA, S.A, Spain
How Business Models Influence the Development of E-Business Applications
Harald Kühn, BOC GmbH, Austria
e-Business and e-Commerce based on a novel object-oriented database
Gerhard Schaub, Diconsult GmbH, Germany
eBusiness and the Management of Change
Paul Jackson, Brunel University, United Kingdom

16.00 Session 4D: Authentication and digital signatures
Chairman: Jimmie Browne, National University of Ireland Galway, Ireland

Digital Signature Infrastructure for Administrative Simplification and E-commerce Development
Alberto Schena, InfoCamere, Italy
Quality of Service Guarantees in the Internet in a Multi-Provider Environment
M. Maresca, University of Padova, Italy
Co-ordination of Security Activities between the Chambers of Commerce
Nicholas Kyrloglou, Athens Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Greece
Digital Signatures for Web contents
Christian Geuer-Pollmann, University of Siegen, Germany

16.00 Session 4E: : Improving exploitation strategies for SME's high-tech results
Chairman: Benigno Lacort, CDTI, Spain

Overview on Exploitation Plans. Case Studies.
Fernando Ubieta, CARSA, Spain
Strategic positioning: facing up to competition in a hyper-competitive world.
Raul Peralba, SWAP, Spain.

16:00 Session 4F On-line services
Chairman: Fabrizio Davide, Telecom Italia, Italy

Multi-Channel Parking Information and Reservation Services
Bernhard Holtkamp, Fraunhofer Institut für Software- und Systemtechnik,
Process Oriented integrated quality Management Internet Services for SMEs
Caterina Rehm-Berbenni, FUTUREtec, Germany
Portable Assistant for Operator Networks in the Maintenance of Large Industrial Plants
Enrico Morten, Softeco Sismat SpA, Italy
Enhanced European Numerical Simulation Services for Small and medium sized enterprises
Pierre-Henri Cros, CERFACS, France

Day two. Thursday 19 October 2000

09.00 Session 5A: Applications of new methods of working
Chairman: Fabrizio Davide, Telecom Italia, Italy

Pre-notified trucks pass the gate faster
Frank Arendt, Institute of Shipping Economics and Logistics, Germany
Sharing of Computing Facilities and Engineering Tools via Web Based Intranet application
Giovanni Palli, ABB Ricerca Spa, Italy
Simulation on demand
Paul Allen, IT Innovation Centre, United Kingdom
New methods and tools for collaborative rich media production in broadcasting organisations
Anke Gaiser, SFB, Germany

09.00 Session 5B Knowledge-based enterprises
Chairman: Agnes Bradier, Head of Sector, the European Commission

Knowledge Workers and the Psychological Contract
Haaris Sheikh, University of Limerick, Ireland
ICT-supported Participative Simulation to Enable Integrated Intellectual Capital Management
Roel van den Berg, Baan Company, The Netherlands
Inter- and Intra-Organisational Barriers to Sharing Knowledge in the Extended Supply-Chain
Richard Barson, University of Nottingham, United Kingdom
Measurement System for the Evaluation of R&D Knowledge in the
Engineering Sector
Kristina Wagner, University of Stuttgart, Germany

09.00 Session 5C: Content Management
Chairman: Jose Luis Fidalgo, CDTI, Spain

The Development of FactManager™ : Delivering tailored content management solutions for Portals
Paul Cunningham. International Information Management Corporation, Ireland
Net Society: Content creation in Broadband systems
Bo Lennstrand, Stockholm University, Sweden
SPGC: A Personalized Server and Content Manager
David Lopez, Future Space S.L., Spain
InGeo-IC: The portal to Geodata
Stefan Gobel, Fraunhofer-IGD, Germany

09.00 Session 5D: Security in e-Commerce
Chairman: Lothar Schrader, Infineon, Germany

Security for e-Commerce Applications
Marina Mutapcic, Infineon Technologies, Germany
Home Banking: Securing bank operations using PKI technology
Jordi Buch, Safelayer Secure Communications, Spain
Smart Cards Technologies For The Internet:Security and Interoperability Issues
David Ankri, Smart IS Marketing, France
Mobile Administrative Services with Secure Multi-Application Smartcards
Reinhard Riedl, University of Zurich, Switzerland

09.00 Session 5E: Knowledge driven enterprises
Chairman: Jimmie Browne, National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland
OnToKnowledge - Ontology-Based Tools for Knowledge Management
Hans Akkermans, Free University Amsterdam, The Netherlands
A Web Enabled Knowledge Management Solution to Support Product Innovation
Kathryn Cormican, National University of Ireland Galway, Ireland
Knowledgeable Information Brokering
Wouter Jansweijer, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Economic Institutions: Exchange of Knowledge and Regional Development
Pier Paolo Patrucco, Nomisma Società di Studi Economici S.p.A., Italy
09.00 Session 5F: Solutions for SMEs
Chairman: Geir Horn, Sintef, Norway

A Customisable Plug and Play Solution for SME Web-enabled Interconnection
Fabio Gollini, Democenter, Italy
eBusiness Models within Small and Medium Enterprises
Marco Tagliavini, Universita' Cattaneo, Italy
Technical Tools for improving industrial communication in Textile-Clothing Sector
Fani Kotzia, CLOTEFI SA, Greece
The ECOS Platform for E-Business for SMEs
Miguel Borras, AIDIMA, Spain
09.00 Session 5G: IMS Introductory Session
Rosalie Zobel the European Ccommission
The fast changing world of e-Business: factors shaping the future
Ron Johnston, Executive Director, Australian Centre for Innovation & international Competitiveness Ltd (ACIIC) University of Sydney, Australia
11.00 Session 6A: Teamworking
Chairman: Peter Johnston, Head of Unit, the European Commission

A Novel Methodology for World-best Teamwork in Hospitals
J Artur Vale Serrano, Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal
Binding Distributed Business Process Co-ordination (DBPC) and Digital Co-operation Networks
Álvaro Nunes, Agência de Inovação, Portugal
Distributed e-e-work platform to support teamwork in large, extended enterprises
Marco Boero, Softeco Sismat SpA, Italy
TOWER -Theatre of Work Enabling Relationships
Wolfgang Prinz, GMD-FIT, Germany
11.00 Session 6B Electronic procurement
Chairman: John Beer, Canon, UK

SMARTMAN ICT - An e-procurement solution for SMEs
Santi Ristol, Sema Group, Spain
Web-based platform supporting tendering, bidding and contract negotiation
Eva Coscia, TXT e-solutions, Italy
Strategies for Electronic Procurement - Possibilities and Risks
Everth Larsson, Lund University, Sweden
Business Models for Trading Tools and Broker Services for Procurement in the Tile Industry
Olaf Peters, University of Bremen, Germany
11.00 Session 6C: Applications -1
Chairman: Farid Mainköhn, Infopartners, Luxembourg

Marta Bocos, Adelnor S.L., Spain
Modelling to support an eBusiness environment in the Feed Industry
Ingrid Hunt, National University of Ireland Galway, Ireland
Small retailing of fresh food in the e-business era
Antonio Marques, ETRA I+D, Spain
Introvert IT Systems to Extrovert e-Services: e-Government as an enabler
Dimitris Gouscos, General Secretariat for Information Systems, Greece
11.00 Session 6D: Legal issues and regulation
Chairman: Roland Pleger, DLR, Germany

The amalgam of Service Providers names: implication on Internet regulation?
Katia BODARD, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium
The influence of the legal environment on Internet Security
Rosa Isabel Navarro, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Spain
Business Models And Regulation In The Electronic Distribution Of Music
Roger Wallis, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
Electronic Commerce and Consumer Protection in Europe
Michael Lehmann, Max-Planck-Institute, Germany
11.00 Session 6E Innovation
Chairman: Roberto Gagliardi, CPR, Italy

Innovation-Online: A Vortal for Supporting innovative SMEs within a regional economy
Paul Anderson, University of Nottingham, United Kingdom
A case study for XML based EDI: the Italian customs documents
Pierpaolo Baglietto, University of Genoa, Italy
Making innovation exploitation a success business story: The IST DILEMMA Project
Vassilios Tsakalos, HELP-FORWARD Network, Greece
THINK BIG: Think Business, Innovation, and Growth
Ingo Hussla, IZET, Germany
11.00 Session 6G: IMS - The continuous learning enterprise
Chairman: Alvaro de Oliveira, Alfamicro, Portugal

An Overview of IMS-HUTOP project
Hiroshi TOMITA, SANYO Corp, Japan
Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems
Peter Bunce, CAM-I Inc., United Kingdom
SYMPHONY: A dynamic management methodology with modular and integrated methods and tools for knowledge based, adaptive SMEs
Christoph Meier, CCSO, Switzerland
HARMONY - Coping with the Complexity of Business Innovation
Björn Söndgerath, Fraunhofer IFF, Germany

14.00 Session 7A: Managing Telework
Chairman: Roberto Gagliardi, CPR, Italy

The Spread of Telework in 2005
Karsten Gareis, empirica, Germany
Measuring the Performance of eBusiness and eWork based on their business processes
Ip-Shing Fan, Cranfield University, United Kingdom
Managing a Flexible Telework Portfolio
Susan Turnbull, Arthur Andersen, United Kingdom
The challenge of Quality Assurance in the growing telecollaboration practice
Javier A. García Sedano, Sistemas de Imagen y Palabra, Spain

14.00 Session 7B: Knowledge Management
Chairman: Farid Mainköhn, Infopartners, Luxembourg

KnowCat: a Knowledge Crystallisation Tool
Ruth Cobos, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Spain
Active Knowledge Models of Extended Enterprises: Adaptable solutions for B2B E-commerce
Frank Lillehagen, NCR METIS Solutions, Norway
Knowledge Management and Trust in the new Enterprises
Kurt Kosanke, CIMOSA Association e.V, Germany
Management of Corporate Knowledge for Process Improvement in Manufacturing Companies
Ulli Fischer, DaimlerChrysler, Germany

14.00 Session 7C: Electronic trading and dynamic markets
Chairman: Tony de Bree, ABN Amro Bank NV, The Netherlands

Internet Hyper Chains: Architectures to add flexibility to the value chain
Nikos Sakkas, PLANET S.A., Greece
A Model for an Electronic MarketPlace
Maria João Viamonte, Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto, Portugal
The KARE eBusiness strategy for the acquisition and supply of one-of-a-kind products
Dirk Mueller, Technical University Clausthal, Germany
Mediating and Monitoring Electronic Commerce
Tony de Bree, ABN Amro Bank NV, The Netherlands

14.00 Session 7D: Business development
Chairman: Alejandro Moya, the European Commission

A New Standard For Security In E-Commerce
Amin Elsaleh, EDIAUDIT, France
The evolution from telco to e-telco: (ecompany): e-business vision of Telefónica de España
Juan Antonio Latasa Vassallo, Telefonica, Spain
Nicolas Cortes, Cordoba Universidad, Spain
A PKI Scenario for High-Security Communications: Re-issued Certificates
Oscar Canovas Reverte, University of Murcia, Spain

14.00 Session 7E: Web intelligence
Chairman: Floris Kolvenbach, Digital Film Center, Netherlands

Guiding the Customer's Search in E-Business with the Intelligent Cluster Index
Otmar Goerlitz, Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany
Applying Web Intelligence
Alan Patrick, MINEit Software, United Kingdom
WEBSELL: Intelligent Sales Assistants for the World Wide Web
Ralph Traphoener, tec:inno GmbH, Germany
Web enabled collaborative forecast
Alvaro de Oliveira, Alfamicro, Portugal

14.00 Session 7G: IMS- Dynamic Industrial Constellations
Chairman: Jimmie Browne, National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland

Virtual Enterprise model for Web-Enabled Production Management for SMEs
Petri Kalliokoski, VTT Automation, Finland
B to B e-commerce Server with virtual market
Toshiya KAIHARA, University of Marketing and Distribution Sciences, Japan
Global Engineering and Manufacturing in Enterprise Networks GLOBEMEN
Jarmo Laitinen, YIT Construction Ltd, Finland
Analysis and improvement of logistics performances in production networks
Martin Weidemann, Aachen University of Technology, Germany

16.00 Session 8A: Extended enterprise tools
Chairman: Ramon Haendler Mas, Head of Sector, the European Commission

The step towards immersive tele-presence in virtual video-conference systems
Oliver Schreer, Heinrich-Hertz-Institut, Germany
A tool to support co-operative product development in the area of e-business
Vanessa Uhlig, University of Hannover, Germany
COMPETE: A Common Platform for Extended Enterprise
Marialuisa Sanseverino, Fiat Research Center, Italy
Distributed Information System for Networked and Extended Enterprises
Jorge Sousa, INESC, Portugal
16.00 Session 8B: Supply chains
Chairman: Geir Horn, Sintef, Norway

Advanced Fractal Companies use Information Supply Chains
Jörg Martinetz, Fraunhofer-Institute for Factory Operation and Automation, Germany
Metrics for analysing networked enterprise structures using Information Supply Chains
Patrick Walsh, Prutech Innovation Services Ltd, Ireland
VESI - The Solution For Interorganisational Dynamic Supply Chains
Reinhard Ahlers, Balance Technology Consulting GmbH, Germany
SupplyPoint: An Integrated system supporting e-business in the construction sector
Kevin Ginty, University of Sunderland, United Kingdom
16.00 Session 8C: Applications - 2
Chairman: Lothar Schrader, Infineon, Germany

An Open Market Energy Generation Allocation E-commerce System
Luis J. Legorburu, IBERDROLA Ingeniería y Consultoría, S.A., Spain
Re-Engineering the Mailer-Post Interface
John Wells, IPC Technology, Belgium
Web-based Virtual Enterprise Network for the Maritime Industry
David Jaramillo, Germanischer Lloyd, Germany
eComponents in action: software components successfully applied to survive to eShock
César Pérez-Chirinos, TransTOOLs, S.A., Spain

16.00 Session 8D: Electronic retailing
Chairman: Roberto Gagliardi, CPR, Italy

Critical factors for e-business retailing
Christian Persson, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
Interactive Marketing and Intelligent 3D-Configuration of Products in Electronic Shop Systems
Ioannis Fikouras, Bremen Institute of Industrial Technology, Germany
FashionMe: The Future of Fashion Shopping over the Internet
Ann Miller, Fraunhofer IAO, Germany
Personalized Services and Promotions in Internet Retailing
Katerina Pramatari, Athens University of Economics & Business, Greece

16.00 Session 8E: Presenting Products and user interaction
Chairman: Maurice Mulvenna, MINEit Software, UK

Advanced Presentation of Products as part of e-Commerce
Juergen Buerstenbinder, Pixelpark AG, Germany
Open specifications for Intelligent Personalised Catalogues for B to B e-commerce
Pieter Kesteloot WTCM, Belgium
On the Offline Portability of Web Sites
I. la Tendresse, Technical University of Clausthal, Germany
Solutions for Voice Controlled eCommerce and Business Processes
Ralph Oliver Köppen, Informationsmanagement GmbH, Germany

16.00 Session 8G: IMS Information event
Information about the IMS initiative and EC call for proposals. Information about IPR in IMS, how to prepare a Consortium cooperation agreement for an IMS project.
Paolo Garello, DG Information Society, the European Commission
Dietlind Jering, DG Research, the European Commission
Claudio Boër, IMS Steering Committee representative, Switzerland
Bertrand Braunschweig, IFP (Gglobal Cape Open project), France

Day three. Friday 20 October 2000

09.30 Session 9A: Skills and training
Chairman: Fabrizio Davide, Telecom Italia, Italy

E-Learning for European Industry
Gertjan van Heist, Kenniscentrum Cibit, The Netherlands
Multimedia course in a professional target: Electronic Commerce
Juan Peire, Ciudad Universitaria, Spain
Design of a Web-Based Training System: Focus on the Internet, E-Commerce and EDI
David Hamblin, University of Luton, United Kingdom
Zabalnet: A powerful platform for learning and training on the Web
Ana Segovia, Ibermatica, Spain

09.30 Session 9B: Digital information management
Chairman: Thierry Van der Pyl, Head of Unit, the European Commission

FILIGRANE: an electronic copyright framework
Pierre Vannel, GEMPLUS, France
Security in Digital Rights Mangement
Andres Torrubia, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Spain
Copyright Description Language for Distribution of Digital Contents
Hiroshi Hoshino, ASTEMRI, Japan
Technologies for Intelligent Information Retrieval from WWW
Tommi Rintala, University of Vaasa, Finland
09.30 Session 9C: Regional development
Chairman: Roland Pleger, DLR, Germany

Linking the Scandinavian countries and Scotland through Information Technology
Kim Davis, SINTEF Electronics & Cybernetics, Norway
E-business for Public services and Government on line
Karl-Erik Andersson, TietoEnator Trigon AB, Sweden
Using the Internet for regional economic development and social inclusion
Andy Lake, HOP Associates, United Kingdom
All Inclusive Digital Town and its Villages
José Ribeiro Mendes, Instituto Politécnico de Tomar, Portugal
09.30 Session 9D: Logistics and Procurement
Chairman: Paul Desruelle, IPTS, the European Commission

XML-based Internet Communication for Advanced External Logistics
Karl Furst, University of Technology Vienna, Austria
Customer controlled e-logistics
Zef Damen, KPN Research, The Netherlands
E-Commerce needs logistics: fulfillment strategies for End-to-End-Commerce
Frank Straube, Zentrum fuer Logistik & Unternehmensplanung, Germany
Electronic Procurement Solutions For Small And Medium Enterprises
Robert Alard, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Switzerland
09.30 Session 9E: Agent technology
Chairman: Maurice Mulvenna, MINEit Software, UK

Intelligent E-Commerce with Guiding Agents based on Personalised Interaction Tools
Ulrich Thiel, GMD, Germany
Corporate Memory Management through Agents
Fabien Gandon, INRIA, France
Creating Loyalty in E-Commerce using Agent Technology
Mark Witkowski, Imperial College, United Kingdom
Mobile-agents based Infrastructure for e-work and e-business applications
George Samaras, University of Cyprus, Cyprus
09.30 Session 9F: Applications - 3
Chairman: Geir Horn, Sintef, Norway

Managing legal paperwork: an integration effort
Roberto Gagliardi, CPR, Italy
Recognising Speech Over IP: Towards Spoken Language Interfaces for E-Business
Carmen Pelaez-Moreno, Universidad Carlos III, Spain
Sign Language Translation Technology and its Applications
Masaru Takeuchi, Hitachi, Ltd., Japan
A New Methodology for Exploitation of Innovative Results in Internet-Multimedia Fields
Benigno Lacort, CDTI-Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial, Spain
09.30 Session 9G: IMS - International Coordinating partners meeting (Closed Session)
Chairman: Paolo Garello, IMS Secretariat, The European Commission
11.30 Plenary Session 10: Public Funded Initiatives
Chairman: Rosalie Zobel, Director, The European Commission

Helping UK Small Firms into the Digital World
Jenny Searle, Director, Information Society Initiative, DTI, United Kingdom
e-Europe and the IST Programme
Rosalie Zobel, Director, The European Commission
Recent progress of the development of the Information Society in Spain
Borja Adsuara, General Director of Information Society Development, Science and Technology Ministry, Spain