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e2001 Programme

eBusiness and eWork 2001 Conference and Exhibition
Venice, Italy, 17-19 October 2001

eBusiness & eWorkConference
Future Centre, Venice, Italy
17-19 October 2001

Programme (17/10/01)

Exhibition and coffee breaks take place at 10.30 and 15.20 each day
Exhibition and luncheon will be served at 12.30 each day


Day one. Wednesday 17 October 2001

08.00 onwards. Registration

09.00 Session 1: Plenary - Progress through change
Chairman: Roberto Saracco, Director of Future Centre San Salvador, Telecom Italia, Italy

Moving from e-mail to a fully integrated ecosystem
Robert Lloyd, Vice President, Cisco
An industry-driven approach to international e-business cooperation
Thomas Gulledge, Professor, Enterprise Engineering Laboratory, George Mason University, USA

11.00 Session 2: Plenary - Development for success
Chairman: Rosalie Zobel, The European Commission

A million of e-businesses, interacting with a billion people, through a trillion interconnected intelligent devices…..
Roberto Saracco, Director of Future Centre San Salvador, Telecom Italia Lab, Italy
Mobile e-business…driver, passenger or spectator?
Simon Dyson, Vice President Communications Sector EMEA, IBM

14.00 Session 3A: SMEs and e-Business - 1
Chairman: Paul Cunningham, IIMC, Ireland

Best Practice in Dynamic Networked Organisation
Peter Weiß, Forschungszentrum Informatik, Germany
HELCOM project: an integrated eCommerce system for SMEs in Greece
Athanasios Tsakalidis, University of Patras, Greece
Open Contracting TransActions in the New Economy
Tony Lam, Net Union, Switzerland The use of Open Source technologies to provide cost effective services for SME eBusiness
Micheal O'Foghlu, Waterford Institute of Technology, Ireland

14.00 Session 3B: Trust, Security and Law - 1
Chairman: John Beer, Canon Europe, United Kingdom

E-Arbitration: Alternative Dispute Resolving for SMEs
Jacques Gouimenou, TIGA Technologies, France
Architecture and Security Aspect of a Signature Server
Bruno Crispo, Cryptomathic Italia, Italy
A Service Platform for On-line Dispute Resolution
David Mitzman, InfoCamere, Italy
Time Stamping in E-Commerce
Alexandros Kaliontzoglou, Expertnet, Greece

14.00 Session 3C: Personalised Customer Interaction - 1
Chairman: Costas Paleologos, The European Commission

Personalised Customer Interaction for the Configuration of Products and Services in a Supply Chain
Ralph Schäfer, DFKI, Germany
Understanding how people use portals: a statistical analysis for e-Business
Fidel Cacheda, Universidad de A Coruña, Spain
Certification of web access statistics
Davide Cavagnino, Universita` di Torino, Italy

14.00 Session 3D: Methods and Tools for Knowledge Management
Chairman: Agnes Bradier, The European Commission

ANGELO: Knowledge Based Virtual Facilitator in Team Working
Fabrizio Davide, Telecom Italia, Italy
DECOR: Delivery of context-sensitive organisational knowledge
Andreas Abecker, German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence, Germany
Patterns to Adopt Knowledge Based Solutions to Software Processes Management Problems
Nuria Quintano, European Software Institute, Spain
Knowledge Engineering in virtual Organisations
Dietmar Boenke, Fachhochschule Reutlingen, Germany

14.00 Session 3E: E-work, Job creation and Social Inclusion - 1
Chairman: Peter Johnston, The European Commission
Internet-based Labour Markets: Status Quo and Potential
Karsten Gareis, empirica, Germany
Interventions for sustainable IS employment for disadvantaged groups
Susan O'Donnell, Models Research, Ireland
Intelligent Assistance to E-commerce
Josefa Hernandez-Diego, Technical University of Madrid, Spain
E-business in emerging economies: a comparison of Romanian and Turkish e-businesses
Jenny Collyer, London Guildhall University, United Kingdom

14.00 Session 3F: e-Commerce Payment Systems
Chairman: Jürgen Bürstenbinder, Pixelpark, Germany

Electronic Payment Systems: Issues of User Acceptance
Dennis Abrazhevich, Technical University of Eindhoven, The Nehterlands
E-Payments: Which systems in Europe for the coming years?
David Bounie, Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications, France

14.00 Session 3G: eBusiness and the Environment -1
Chairman: John Nolan, The European Commission

Accommodating the new economy
Paul Wheeler, DEGW plc, United Kingdom
The Case for Immaterialisation
David Leevers, Vers Associates, United Kingdom

14.00 Session 3H: Managing Intellectual Capital
Chairman: Alvaro de Oliveira, Alfamicro, Portugal

Managing Organisational Capital in the New Economy
Ahmed Bounfour, RCS Research on Competitive Strategies, France
Leveraging Operational Resource Expertise
Huub Rutten, Sopheon, The Netherlands

16.00 Session 4A: Electronic Marketplaces
Chairman: Fabrizio Davide, Telecom Italia, Italy

Modelling Electronic Markets Preferences
Maria João Viamonte, Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto, Portugal
B2B eMarkets - An Analysing Framework
Bo Lennstrand, Stockholm University, Sweden
Electronic Markets for Services: The Road to Success for the Electronic Trade of C-Services
Hendrik Hoeck, RWTH Aachen, Germany
New challenges for e-marketplaces, relevant solutions
Jerome Peze, Tinubu Square, France

16.00 Session 4B: Extended Products
Chairman: Bernd Scholz-Reiter, BIBA, Germany

Extended Products, Observatory of Current Research and Development Trends
Jens Eschenbächer, University of Bremen, Germany
Information systems promoting co-operation and innovative business processes in enterprise networks
Jorg Sousa, INESC Porto, Portugal
Information management in the sales and service life-cycle phases of a one-of-a-kind product
Kim Jansson, VTT Automation, Finland
SMARTISAN - A new business paradigm supporting extended products across the supply chain
Alvaro de Oliveira, Alfamicro, Portugal

16.00 Session 4C: SMEs and e-Business - 2
Chairman: Pierre-Henri Cros, Cerfacs, France

Towards an European E-Commence Ambient in the Craft Sector
Maria Tzima, University of Ioannina, Greece
BENE-BUS: BENchmarking of E-BUSiness solutions for Western and Eastern European SMEs
Roberto Zuffada, European Trend Association, Italy
A Platform for an Electronic Market Place based on eCo Framework
Asuman Dogac, Middle East Technical University, Turkey
e-flora: e-commerce and the agricultural SMEs
Christina Tsagari, Exodus, Greece

16.00 Session 4D: Trust, Security and Law - 2
Chairman: Jose Ribeiro Mendes, Instituto Politecnico de Tomar, Portugal

Private copies and rights management issues: the SDMI-solution as deus ex machina?
Katia Bodard, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium
Supporting Small Business to Deal with Legal Issues in E-Commerce
Yanqing Duan, University of Luton, United Kingdom
The Digital Signature And Its Enemies
Fiorella Bonizzi, InfoCamere, Italy
Development of the Secure MultiMediaCard with WIM function
Akihiko Ichikawa, Hitachi, Belgium

16.00 Session 4E: Personalised Customer Interaction - 2
Chairman: David Mitzman, InfoCamere, Italy

The challenge of leverage on e-interactive tools for customer and supplier collaboration
Ohmar Khan, TXT e-solutions, Italy
Lean Configuration: Interactive Configuration for the Internet
Ioannis Fikouras, BIBA, Germany
Intelligent Product Information Search: Retrieval Strategies for Virtual Shop Assistants
Ulrich Thiel, GMD - IPSI, Germany
Virtual Sales Assistant Technology into E-Business Environments
Thorsten Gurzki, Fraunhofer IAO, Germany

16:00 Session 4F: E-business and the Environment - 2
Chairman: John Nolan, The European Commission

TERRA: Project Investigation using IFS
Barry Hughes, University of Denver, USA
eBusiness and Sustainable Development
Thomas Schauer, Research Institute for Applied Knowledge Processing, Germany

16:00 Session 4G: E-business in Manufacturing
Chairman: Roberto Gagliardi, CPR, Italy

Existing eBusiness Technology for Manufacturing Companies
Ronald Bürscher, Profactor Produktionsforschungs, Austria
Managing the Virtual Factory: web based scheduling and monitoring
Christian de Sainte Marie, ILOG, France

16:00 Session 4H: Knowledge Management Cases
Chairman: Agnes Bradier, The European Commission

Knowledge Management for Knowledgeable People
Kim Davis, SINTEF Electronics and Cybernetics, Norway
Innovative methods and tools for the effective management of corporate knowledge
Claus Westerling, Volkswagen AG, Germany

17.20 Cocktail Reception - Courtesy of Canon

Day two. Thursday 18 October 2001

09.00 Session 5A: ICT in the Construction Industry -1
Chairman: Jean Barda, Netimage, France

ICT research and development for the construction industry
Alain Zarli, CSTB, France
OSMOS: Open specification and framework for the construction dynamic virtual organisations
Yacine Rezgui, University of Salford, United Kingdom
ICT support for Distributed Engineering in Construction: the GLOBEMEN project
Abdul Samad Kazi, VTT Technical Research Centre, Finland
eBusiness in the Building-Construction industry: the eConstruct project
Reinout Van Rees, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

09.00 Session 5B: Enterprise Co-ordination and Integration
Chairman: Paul Cunningham, IIMC, Ireland

Inter-domain authorization and delegation for business-to-business e-commerce.
Pietro Michiardi, Institute Eurecom, France
FLoCI-EE: Flexible Low-cost Internet Extended Enterprise
Karl Furst, Vienna University of Technology, Austria
Value Networks: Business Process Integration over the Internet
Rubén Darío Franco, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Spain
Enterprise Inter- and Intra-Organisational Integration Need for International Consensus
Kurt Kosanke, CIMOSA Association, Germany

09.00 Session 5C: Electronic Markets and Mediation
Chairman: Jürgen Bürstenbinder, Pixelpark, Germany

Concept and Model for an Internet Broker Service for Bidding and Procurement in the Tile Industry
Olaf Peters, BIBA, Germany
Integrated Business Processes and Methods for Electronic Procurement and Marketplaces
Boris Otto, Fraunhofer IAO, Germany
A Financial Engineering Approach to Mediation in the Investment Funding Process
Raniero Chelli, Datamat, Italy

09.00 Session 5D: New Technology Channels for eCommerce
Chairman: Floris Kolvenbach, Digitial Film Center, The Netherlands - Live Interaction with Video Broadcast over the Web
Rui Ferraz, ParaRede ICT, Portugal
SmartCast: broadcast content providers become smart broadband media organisations
Wilfred Runde, DW-Online, Germany & Paul Gelderblom, Lost Boys Interactive, The Netherlands
Advanced Techniques for Personalized Advertising in a Digital TV Environment: iMEDIA
Theodoros Bozios, Intracom, Greece
Conceptual model of information navigation in networked organisations
Nick Brehmer, Fraunhofer-Institute for Factory Operation and Automation, Germany
09.00 Session 5E: Distance Learning and Training
Chairman: Fabrizio Davide, Telecom Italia, Italy
Customisable Resource Discovery Services
Willie Donnelly, Waterford Institute of Technology, Ireland
Learning on Process Knowledge: A Technological and Methodological Proposition
Kostas Samiotis, Athens University of Economics and Business, Greece
The Fraunhofer Knowledge Network (FKN) for Training in Microelectronics
Anton Sauer, Fraunhofer Institut IIS, Germany
The KOD Packager: An XML adaptive learning content management system
Fabrizio Grosso, GIUNTI Interactive Labs, Italy
09.00 Session 5F: Trust and Security for E-commerce
Chairman: Thierry Van der Pyl, The European Commission

SEVA: a framework to dynamically set up and run secure extranet
Pierre VANNEL, GEMPLUS Labs, France
A monitoring/auditing mechanism for SSL/TLS secure connections
Christoforos Kavvadias, National Technical University of Athens, Greece

09.00 Session 5G: e-Government and e-Administration - 1
Chairman: Fabian Garcia Pastor, META4, Spain
A European Information Architecture for Public Administration: The InfoCITIZEN project
Konstantinos Tarabanis, University of Macedonia, Greece
Benchmarking of e governmental strategies
Karl-Erik Andersson, TietoEnator Trigon, Sweden

09.00 Session 5H: SMEs and E-business - 3
Chairman: Roland Pleger, DLR, Germany
Methodology for the Implementation of e-Business solutions in SME's
Luis Carneiro, INESC Porto, Portugal
B4U - Business for you -The virtual community for the SMEs development and consolidation.
Tiziana dell'Orto, Sviluppo Italia, Italy

11.00 Session 6A: eCommerce Point-of-Sale and Customer Support
Chairman: David Mitzman, InfoCamere, Italy

CASH - Customer After Sales Help
John Sampaziotis, Singular International, Greece
A Real-Time Mechanism for Targeted Dynamic Personalization
Victoria Skoularidou, Intracom, Greece
An intelligent framework for the calculation of discounts in electronic shops
Jens Homann, University of Technology Dresden, Germany
11.00 Session 6B: Co-operative Product Development in the Virtual Enterprise
Chairman: Pierre-Henri Cross, Cerefacs, France

Co-operative Product Development in Extended Networks
Marcus Winkler, ITV Denkendorf, Germany
Integrating and Co-operating with External Partners
Jens Kuhnast, gedas deutschland, Germany
Innovative Internet-based process model for PLC software development
Gianni Gadda, DemoCenter, Italy
Advanced Infrastructure for Pan-European Collaborative Engineering
Adam Pawlak, Silesian University of Technology, Poland

11.00 Session 6C: eCommerce Services
Chairman: Roland Pleger, DLR, Germany

Matching eCommerce Platform Services with Business Models
Bernhard Holtkamp, Fraunhofer Institut für Software- und Systemtechnik, Germany
A framework for web and mobile customer support services
Simone Pensa, Siemens Information and Communication Networks, Italy
Mobile services go beyond wireless, beyond Internet…beyond 'e'
Francesco Violante, EDS, Italy
GeoMarkt.NRW - An E-Commerce Platform for Geospatial Information and
Rüdiger Gartmann, Fraunhofer Institut für Software- und Systemtechnik, Germany

11.00 Session 6D: Agents in e-work and e-commerce
Chairman: Roberto Gagliardi, CPR, Italy

An agent based system's architecture to describe workflows in the office
Eric Blechschmitt, Fraunhofer-IGD, Germany
Indicators to the Effects of Agent Technology on Consumer Loyalty
Mark Witkowski, Imperial College, United Kingdom
Project management with mobile agents, machine learning and negotiation protocols
Jon Tyler, Robert Gordan University, United Kingdom
Security Policy Adaptation Reinforced Through Agents
Aljosa Pasic, Sema Group, Spain
11.00 Session 6E: ICT in the Construction Industry -2
Chairman: Alvaro de Oliveira, Alfamicro, Portugal

Towards the next generation of civil engineering collaboration platforms: the ISTforCE project
Ziga Turk, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
DIVERCITY: A VR application for the Construction Industry
Souheil Soubra, CSTB, France
Information Services to Enable European Construction Industry: The I-SEEC Project
Raimar Scherer, Technische Universitat Dresden, Germany
Knowledge Management in the Construction Industry: the e-COGNOS Approach
Marc Bourdeau, CSTB, France

11.00 Session 6F: : SMEs and eBusiness - 4
Chairman: Fabrizio Davide, Telecom Italia, Italy

Combined Internet Based Market and Engineering System for Laser Job Shops
Markus Masur, Laser Zentrum Hannover, Germany
Critical Success Factors for eBusiness for SMEs
Sylvie Feindt, SFC, Germany
11.00 Session 6G: : e-Work, Job Creation and Social Inclusion - 2
Chairman: Peter Johnson, The European Commission

New IST-based Work Methods and the Family: Results from the FAMILIES Project
Gabriella Cattaneo, Databank Consulting, Italy
The impact of e-work on leadership in organisations
Manon van Leeuwen, FUNDECTY, Spain

11.00 Session 6H: : e-Government and e-Administration - 2
Chairman: Paul Cunningham, IIMC, Ireland

Development of a national e-network
Agnes Beathe Steen Fosse, Stiftelsen, Norway
Dynamic workflow models for public e-administration
Sergio Montanari, CPR, Italy

14.00 Session 7A: EU IST Proposal Preparation: European Wide Support Through Ideal-IST
Chairman: Danielle Krekels, Alprocor, Belgium

General structure for an IST proposal structure. Building consortia and preparing a winning proposal
Myer Morron, ISERD, Israel
What SMEs want in EU RTD programmes: Opportunities and threats
Paul Drath, Singleimage, UK
The EU project: scientific, business and financial evaluation
Eirkur Bergmann Einarsson, University of Iceland, Iceland
IPR Issues in an IST project
Alexander Weir, Intellectual Property Rights Helpdesk, Luxembourg

14.00 Session 7B: The Legal Dimension of eBusiness
Chairman: Jose Ribeiro Mendes, Instituto Politecnico de Tomar, Portugal

Electronic Contracting in the construction industry
Michael Merz, Ponton Software Technology, Italy
eLEGAL: Dismantling the Legal Barriers to ICT Up-Take in Virtual Enterprises
Tarek Hassan, Loughborough University, United Kingdom
Legal Taxonomy on Virtual Enterprises
Caroline Van Schoubroeck, K.U.Leuven Law School, Belgium
Conceptual Framework for Virtual Enterprise in Construction
Juha Hyvarinen, VTT Building and Transport, Finland

14.00 Session 7C: eCommerce for Services and Digital Content
Chairman: Farid Meinkohn, Cybercultus, Luxembourg

Electronic service using advanced information and communication technologies
Gerhard Burger, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Switzerland
Tourism in the Age of Internet - A Solution for Destinations
Pietro Beritelli, ITF-HTW, Switzerland
Trading cultural heritage digital objects on-line
Roberto Gagliardi, CPR, Italy
e-tour: Multimedia mobile guides to enhance fruition of the heritage
Francesco Bellotti, University of Genoa, Italy

14.00 Session 7D: Virtual Enterprise Engineering
Chairman: Floris Kolvenbach, Digitial Film Center, The Netherlands

The four layers of EE and VO Infrastructures
Frank Lillehagen, Computas AS, Norway
WHALES: a Project Life-cycle Management Application for Extended Organisations
Davide Gazzotti, Gruppo Formula, Italy
An architectural framework for virtual enterprise engineering
Arian Zwegers, Baan Development, The Netherlands
Digital design of services based on the service flow concept
Maria Manasaki, Forthnet, Greece

14.00 Session 7E: Technologies for Industry
Chairman: Jürgen Bürstenbinder, Pixelpark, Germany

Communicating Knowledge in the Joint Sales Network of Construction Industry Suppliers
Friedemann Reim, Informationsmanagement, Germany
Sophisticated Co-operation in Dynamic SME Networks based on Co-operative Planning and Control
Michael Matthiesen, Universität Stuttgart, Germany
Delivering quality demanding services
Franco Marra, Infostrada, Italy
FAIRWIS: A System for Improving On-line Trade Fair Services
Maria Francesca Costabile, Universita' di Bari, Italy

14.00 Session 7F: User Friendly eCommerce
Chairman: John Beer, Canon Europe, United Kingdom

Interactive and Real-time Help-desk in Electronic Shop Environment
Kai-Oliver Detken, WWL vision2_market, Germany
eSolutions - Design Principles for Ease-of-Use
Solveig Wikström, Stockholm University, Sweden

14.00 Session 7G: Mobile eWork and eCommerce
Chairman: Alvaro de Oliveira, Alfamicro, Italy

Providing Innovative Services To Youngsters Using Context-Aware Mobile Devices
Riccardo Pascotto, T-Nova, Germany
Multimedia Workplace of the Future
Herbert Kuhlmann, ZGDV, Germany
14.00 Session 7H: Enabling the Value Chain
Chairman: David Mitzman, InfoCamere, Italy

Business as usual - a real paradigm shift in the value chain: The music industry's response
Roger Wallis, Royal Institiute of Technology, Sweden
Redesigning the traditional retail value chain: MyGrocer business and technology framework
Georgios Lekakos, Athens University of Economics & Business, Greece
16.00 Session 8A: Telework and Supporting Technologies
Chairman: Roberto Gagliardi, CPR, Italy

A virtual 3D video-conference system providing semi-immersive telepresence -
a real-time solution in hardware and software
Nicole Bradenburg, Heinrich-Hertz-Institut, Germany
Does e-work really pay off? An in-depth analysis of opportunity costs for telework
Josephine Hofmann, Fraunhofer IAO, Germany
STARMATE: Augmented Reality for maintenance of complex mechanical elements
Bernd Schwald, Computer Graphics Center, Germany
The Integration of Teleworking and Telelearning into SMEs
Anette Knierriem-Jasnoch, IKTT, Germany

16.00 Session 8B: Building Consortia for International Co-operation: Ideal-IST Brokerage
Chairman: Thomas Zergoi, Bureau for International research & Technology Co-operation, Austria

16.00 Session 8C: Regional Developments
Chairman: Enrica Chiozza, The European Commission

Extended Network to Eastern Regions Involving Government Authorities
Industries and Academia
Eric Boudon, Corteam, France
eNorway: The Nordic Welfare Model as an alternative in the Digital Economy where The individual is set in the forefront
Anne-Lena Straumdal, Ministry of Trade and Industry, Norway
A new portal on telework in the Italian public sector
Alessandro Minelli, University of Turin, Italy
Production and Communication of Technological Knowledge at Regional Level
Pier Paolo Patrucco, Nomisma Economic Research Centre, Italy

16.00 Session 8D: Innovation Management
Chairman: Fabian Garcia Pastor, META4, Spain

Measuring Value - Creating Value: A Solution for Process Innovation in High-Tech Company Networks
Bernhard Katzy, CeTIM, Germany
Dynamics of Innovation towards E-Commerce - the Case of France
Valerie Fernandez, Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications, France
APM - Automated Performance Measurement
Neil Ferguson, National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland
NIMCube - New-Use and Innovation Measurement and Management Methodology for R&D
Norman G. Roth, Fraunhofer IAO, Germany

16.00 Session 8E: eBusiness in the Food and Drug Industries
Chairman: John Beer, Canon Europe, UK

e-CANNED: Electronic Commerce in the Cannery Industry
Antonio Sanz Pulido, SEMA GROUP, Spain
DRIVE - Drug in Virtual Enterprise
Daniela Cipriano, Istituto Scientifico Università San Raffaele, Italy
SaFES: Safe Food Enhancement System
Janet Wademan, van Helsing Ltd, United Kingdom
Smart retailing of fresh food in the e-business era
Antonio Marques, ETRA I+D, Spain

16.00 Session 8F: SMEs and Virtual Enterprises
Chairman: Farid Meinköhn, Cybercultus, Luxembourg

An ICT Platform For Supporting Virtual Enterprises of SMEs
Giordana Bonini, Democenter, Italy
Designing Virtual Communities to support E-Commerce adoption
Albert Angehrn, INSEAD, France

16.00 Session 8G: Technologies for eBusiness - 1
Chairman: Jean Barda, Netimage, France

SMEs and the implementation of information systems: how to succeed
Iris Karvonen; VTT Automation, Finland
Interactive networked collaboration and novel interaction techniques
supporting traditional animation production
Frank Van Reeth, Limburgs Universitair Centrum, Belgium
Intelligent Agenda: a basic tool to improve efficiency in eBusiness environments
Iñaki Goirizelaia, University of the Basque Country, Spain

16.00 Session 8H: XML Applications in eBusiness
Chairman: Jesus Villasante, The European Commission

XML used for Remote Control of Public Kiosk Systems (POI, POS)
Rainer Malkewitz, ZGDV, Germany
Structuring Knowledge with XML
Erik Meißner, Computer Graphics Center, Germany
FactWrangler™ - Providing classification and mark-up capabilities for content management
Paul Cunningham, International Information Management Corporation, Ireland
Cocktail Recption - Courtesy of Canon

Day three. Friday 19 October 2001

09.00 Session 9A: Opportunities for Language Technology in Multilingual eMarkets
Chairman: Hanne Fersøe, Center for Sprogteknologi, Denmark

Critical Language Technology Solutions for eBusiness
Rose Lockwood, Berlitz GlobalNET, Ireland
Optimising knowledge mining in the e-back-office
Damir Cavar, Dresdner Bank AG, Germany
Optimising e-catalogue production using dedicated multilingual tools
Johann Grandell, Ellos Postimyynti, Finland
MKBEEM - a comprehensive multilingual knowledge-based e-commerce platform
Alain Léger, France Telecom R&D, France

09.00 Session 9B: Intelligent Manufacturing Systems
Chairman: Paolo Garello, The European Commission

Information Management for Networked Product Support
Martin Ollus, VTT Automation, Finland
Seamless production planning and communication in distributed manufacturing
Ilkka Seilonen, VTT Automation, Finland
SYMPHONY : On the management of knowledge based adaptive SMEs
Jeroen Kemp, Fraunhofer IAO, Germany
The what and why of a virtual enterprise framework model
Johan Vesterager, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark

09.00 Session 9C: Tools to Support Team Work
Chairman: Roland Pleger, DLR, Germany

Work support for production and management of multimedia content for crossmedia publishing
Friederike Schmidt, Pixelpark, Germany
Experience With Teamwork in Distributed Work Environments
Gabor Nadasi, ISCN, Ireland
EMPLOY: New Employment for efficient and effective European Structural Funds Management
Lara Gadda, Politecnico di Milano, Italy
Leveraging Non-profit Sector towards the Information Society
Francesca Borga, Politecnico di Milano, Italy
09.00 Session 9D: Standards for e-Business
Chairman: Joel Bacquet, The European Commission

Interoperability and Business Models for e-commerce
Man-Sze Li, IC Focus, United Kingdom
The emerging AP-233 STEP Standard: an essential enabler to e-business and e-work
Julian Johnson, BAE SYSTEMS, United Kingdom
Internet Procurement for the Construction and Engineering Industry
Henriqueta Novoa, Universidade do Porto, Portugal
The CAPE-OPEN Laboratories Network: Standards for Process Engineering Software
Joerg Köller, RWTH Aachen, Germany
09.00 Session 9E: Virtual Enterprise Configuration
Chairman: Floris Kolvenbach, Digitial Film Center, The Netherlands

Configuration concepts for process adaptation
Thomas Rose, FAW, The Netherlands
Business Architect: innovative solutions for the designer and builder of virtual enterprises
Vera Kazei, Virtual Enterprise Architects, The Netherlands
Classification of dynamic organizational forms and coordinative roles
Kai Riemer, University of Muenster, Germany
From business community towards b2b-commerce
Ingo Hussla, IZET, Germany
09.00 Session 9F: Technologies for e-Business - 2
Chairman: Pierre-Henri Cros, Cerfacs, France

Workflow Directed Knowledge Management
Wouter Jansweijer, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
e-Industrial Services - Value-Added Service from the socket
Tom-David Graupner, Fraunhofer-Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation, Germany
09.00 Session 9G: eLogistics and Transportation
Chairman: Farid Meinköhn, Cybercultus, Luxembourg
A Plug and Play WEB-Enabled Solution For Supporting Small Hauliers Collaboration.
Fabio Gollini, Democenter, Italy
Dynamic Management Of Virtual Enterprises In The Textile/Garment Industry
Jorge Oliveira, Omegamedia, Portugal
09.00 Session 9H: Strategic and Business Issues
Chairman: Jean Barda, Netimage, France
SMART: System for the Development, Management and Support of Strategic Alliances
Iain Bitran, S3 International
The Spanish Speaking Countries Electronics Commerce Market
Juan Peire, Ciudad Universitaria, Spain
11.00 Session 10: Final Plenary
Chairman: Rosalie Zobel, Director, The European Commission
Impact of e-business in the enlargement process: the Rumanian case
Dan Nica, Rumania
Business and Work Challenges in the Framework Programme VI ahead
Rosalie Zobel, Director DG INFSO, The European Commission

10.30 - 14.30 EXPIDE Cluster Meeting
The EXPIDE cluster focuses on extended products in dynamic enterprises. E-business can be considered as main enabler of these because it offers new technical solutions. The purpose of this short workshop is to invite projects to talk about their research issues in order to identify synergies which should promote co-operations between the different projects. For more information on EXPIDE please consult
14.00 Transact Cluster Meeting
TRANSACT focuses on how e-commerce affects the future support of B2B integration. Issues include collaboration, e-procurement and e-contracting, key enabling technologies and transaction support. This workshop focuses on creating a roadmap for the future development of affordable, standards-compliant software components. For more information: