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eBusiness and eWork Virtual Conference


Welcome to the eBusiness and eWork Virtual Conference

IST Key Action II Project IST-1999-11922 (NEWEMMSEC) has organised three successful non-virtual conferences. The first one was held in Madrid in 2000, the seond one in Venice in 2001 and the third one in Prague in 2002. Building on this success, the project has now launched the eBusiness and eWork Virtual Conference. This is designed to provide a platform for Key Action II projects to publish their results. All authors from the three conferences can also have their papers published in the virtual conference. Selected papers from other contributors will also be published.

Papers included in the virtual conference may also be published in an edited book that is planned for publication in 2003.

If you wish to contribute a paper to this virtual conference please send an email to the conference organiser.

Send email. (facility withdrawn)

Papers Published in the Virtual Conference
Knowledge Management Requirements within Machinery Engineering Domain
EFTWeb: an environment to support context sharing for education settings
NETSTOCK - a web based approach for stock control in a heterogeneous IT world
Validation of a Knowledge Based Engineering Tool for the Design of Injection Moulds
Co-operation Formation in Non-hierarchical Production Networks
Challenges for Automatic Home Supply Replenishment in e-Retailing
Problems of Flexible Working Research and Theory in the New Economy
Fostering Innovative Ideas and Accelerating them into the Market
Promoting SM-E-Business through Business Support Networks
Interoperability and Business Models for e-commerce
Mobile services go beyond wireless, beyond Internet, beyond 'e'..
E-business in emerging economies: a comparison of Turkish and Romanian multimedia companies
From Introvert IT Systems to Extrovert e-Services: e-Government as an enabler for e-Citizens and e-Business A Framework of Principles
Innovation-Online : A Vortal for Supporting Innovative SMEs within a Regional Economy
A Million e-Businesses, Interacting with a Billion People, through a Trillion Interconnected Intelligent Devices …