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Integrating the Arts and Humanities into STEM

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Integrating the Arts and Humanities into STEM

Integrating the Arts and Humanities into STEM: An Epistolary Exploration – Seeing Through the Clouds of STEAM




Without Critical Reading and Resistance you are Doomed to Become Lost in Art's Romantic Mist – aka STEAM


STARTS: Science, Technology and the Arts

Integrating the Arts and Humanities into STEM

An Epistolary Exploration – Seeing Through the Clouds of STEAM


Paul T Kidd

ISBN (Paperback) Published October 2020

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Integrating the Arts and Humanities into STEM: An Epistolary Exploration – Seeing Through the Clouds of STEAM is a work that applies critical thinking to a report that makes excessive use of the term critical thinking, without actually itself demonstrating any critical thinking, namely, The National Academies of SciencesEngineering and Medicine 2018 report entitled The Integration of the Humanities and Arts with Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine in Higher Education: Branches from the Same Tree, which has been received and accepted by many, uncritically and unquestioningly. This is a little strange given that the report provides no convincing evidence to support the idea of the integration of the arts and humanities into STEM learning, and the little that is presented is seriouly flawed, which undermines the conclusions! Thus we ask: did the report's authors reach the conclusions that they were motivated to reach? Psychologists call this motivated reasoning.

This new work by Paul T Kidd, which is grounded in the social sciences and the humanities, uses artistic methods to explore the issue of misinformation in society, particularly focusing on interrogating people and organisations who speak with the voice of authority, raising questions as to why these people and organisations are participating in the misinformation society.  The work represents an artistic contribution to the understanding of flawed decision making.

The proposed new work is related to the authors previous books in the field of STARTS and STEAM, namely:

STARTS - Science, Technology and the Arts: The Artistic Voices that DG CONNECT Silenced

STARTS Weaving the Art-Science Tangled Web: An Artistic Study of DG CONNECT’s Adoption of Totalitarian Art Pioneering the path to Europe’s Undemocratic Future Past.


In case you are not aware:

STARTS stands for Science, Technology and the Arts.

STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics.












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