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Paul T Kidd's Web Site News

Paul T Kidd’s web site is undergoing a major redesign with a new design and layout replacing the old. An extensive amount of new content will also be added. A major feature of this redesign is a reduction of emphasis on the Cheshire Henbury name. Gradually this is being replaced throughout the siite.

The redesign is being undertaken using an evolutionary, adaptive design approach which also integrates thinking and doing. This is contrast to the linear stage-wise thinking that is often deployed by engineers and technologists. The reason for using this adaptive method is two fold: (i) the adaptive approach is an exemplar of a post-industrial era approach to design and development (unlike the linear stage-wise method which is firmly rooted in the past industrial age); and (ii), the exercise is a development process which is itself part of an experiment, part of a learning process, and part of a knowledge development and transfer activity, which is driven by both innovation and a requirement to be responsiveness to changing circumstances. And it is really exciting not knowing fully in advance where one is going and where one might end up.

So far we have decided upon a new design layout, and eventually (after much reflection) arrived at a structure for the content that provides the capability to adapt to new opportunities and requirements. The first priority now is to translate existing content into the new layout design. Then, once this is done, we will begin to expand new content in accordance with strategic priorities. Some sub-home pages have yet to find a home in the navigation structure. These are listed here for the moment:


Agile Enterprise

Competitive Manufacturing Enterprise

User Centric ICT

This is the Journey ...

Strategy Tool Box


Agile Manufacturing: Forging New Frontiers

Web site additions: 4 July 2013 - Factory of the Future Impact Report, March 2013; 7 July 2013 - Link to Paul's blog; 12 July 2013: Vision Book Page Design Updated; 14 July 2013: This is the journey ...; 18 July 2013: Encounter with a Wise Man Home Page published; 25 July 2013: European Visions for the Knowledge Age available to read online for free;12 August 2013: A Tale of Two Deserts Home Page published;13 August 2013: Twitter profile launched; 25 September 2013: Paperback and Kindle versions of Encounter with a Wise Man available; 14 October 2013: Encounter with a Wise Man available to read online for free; 15 October 2013: A Tale of Two Deserts available to read online for free;22 November 2013: eBook version of Encounter with a Wise Man now available; 25 November 2013: eBook version of A Tale of Two Deserts now available; 25 November: Moments in Time Home Page published; 14 February: New main navigation menu implemented; 14 February: Enigma Home Page published; 14 February: report by Paul T Kidd on the ICT-ART CONNECT roundtable meeting in the European Parliament; 1 May 2014 ICT-ART CONNECT Home page published; 18 June 2014 ICT-Art Research Organisations and update of ICT-ART CONNECT web links; 19 June 2014: ICT-ART CONNECT Relevant Projects and Art Practice as Research; 24 June 2014: ICT & ART CONNECT 2012 Event; 25 June 2014: New content on sustainable intensification; 26 June 2014: Twitter Tales added to Author Space; 2 July 2014: Details added about Agile Manufacturing: Forging New Frontiers; 3 July 2014: ICT & ART CONNECT at ICT 2013; 4 July 2014: Forthcoming ICT & ART Related Events; 7 July 2014: ICT & ART Background; 8 July 2014: Update of ICT & Art CONNECT Other Reports Page; 9 July 2014: Agility page designs updated; 10 July 2014: ICT & ART CONNECT video clips added; 15 July 2014: Enigma available to read online for free, Moments in Time available to read online for free; 1 Oct 2014: ICT & ART CONNECT video clips more clips added; 3 Oct 2014: COST Arts & Technologies (CAT) workshop; 14 Oct 2014: ICT & ART CONNECT at Ars Electronica 2014; 16 Oct 2014: Enigma Kindle eBook version available; 17 Oct 2014: Moments in Time Kindle eBook version available; 24 Oct 2014: ICT & ART CONNECT video clips FET-ART final event video added; 30 Oct 2014: ICT & ART CONNECT - FET-ART Project Final Brochure; 14 Nov 2014: ICT & ART CONNECT Design Collaboration Intentions and Tensions; 19 Nov 2014: ICT & ART Web Page added ICT & ART CONNECT pages; 26 Nov 2014: Other ICT & ART CONNECT Related Links Page added ICT & ART CONNECT pages; 26 January 2015: ICT & ART CONNECT Study Report Brochure; 28 January 2015: Additional ICT & ART CONNECT Paper; 3 February 2015: Additional ICT & Art Related Web Sites; 15 October 2015: Additional ICT & Art DG CONNECT Web Links; 19 October 2015: STARTS - Science, Technology, and the Arts Home Page; 21 October 2015: Major addition of content to ICT & ART CONNECT Pages; 1 May 2016: Paul T Kidd's Asemic Writing Pages;


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