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Being A Tale of How Father Christmas Came to Be

Paul T Kidd
ISBN 978-1-901864-09-0 (Paperback)
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It is Christmas Eve. The snow is gently falling outside. White is the surrounding countryside and within, all is snug and warm. Gathered around a blazing fire, everyone is content and full of expectation for the excitement of the coming morning, with all its surprises and delights. Then someone among those assembled asks, “Where did the tale of Father Christmas came from?” They want to know the origins of the story of a man dressed in red and full of good cheer, driving reindeer across the starry skies, delivering gifts to every child. However, dear reader, this is a question posed by the enquiring logical mind, seeking to know the world as it is. Alas it is the wrong one to ask.

Father Christmas is a precious gift of the imagination, a link to childhood, and on Christmas Eve, when the waiting world is full of anticipation, it is far better to allow fantasy to take hold. So in answer to the question just posed, I say in return, where do you want the tale to come from?

In this little book I have provided an answer in keeping with the Christmas season, one that will awaken the Christmas spirit even in the most cynical, one that I think will please all, regardless of age, and I hope one that will add to your Christmas cheer. The story is primarily aimed at adults, but it can be read aloud to younger children. Now read on, and in doing so, allow yourself, for a brief moment, to revisit the enchantment, the thrill, and the sense of mystery that is so much apart of every child's Christmas Eve.

Paul T Kidd
December 2006


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