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Enigma - Preface

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Paul T Kidd
ISBN 978-1-901864-20-5 (Paperback)
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Enigma - Preface

Enigma is an allegorical tale that is related to an earlier book with the title A Tale of Two Deserts. This latter book can be described as one book, two tales, one story; and with the addition of Enigma, it can be said that now there are two books, many tales and one story. And both books are highly enigmatic.


At the core of Enigma is a rather strange and (perhaps to some) crazy story. I leave you, the reader, to interpret the tale and to discover the hidden messages and the lessons that it seeks to impart. As for the narrative that runs across A Tale of Two Deserts and Enigma, this I also leave for you to discover. And if you struggle to see, to understand, then this also is a lesson as well, for life is a journey of discovery and adventure. This is Enigma

Paul T Kidd
April 2014



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