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Father Christmas Adventures - William's First Christmas



Unexpected Tales of Christmas Magic

Paul T Kidd
ISBN 978-1-901864-12-0 (Paperback)
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Extract from the First Story: WILLIAM'S FIRST CHRISTMAS

Let me start where I should commence, that is to say, at the beginning. And to open my tale I will state most plainly and emphatically that Christmas is every child’s right—it cannot be given, it cannot be taken away. Anyone who tries to deny a child their Christmas had better take heed of my story and be very, very careful, for who knows what might happen to them! And it is what ensued for two adults, parents of course, that I want to convey to you through this fable.


I must also declare, again in the most ardent way I can muster, that each and every child loves Christmas—the excitement, the anticipation, the happiness, and of course, the presents. And, as you are aware, all children know about Father Christmas and all adore him dearly. Each boy and girl also has a Mother and a Father who believes in Father Christmas, at least this is what I had thought. But once upon a time there was a boy, called William, whose parents did not believe in Father Christmas! William’s Mum and Dad did not celebrate Christmas at all! Unbelievable! How silly they were! But how sad for William, that he had such foolish parents. Poor William!


William had good grounds to be sad, for Christmas was never seen in his home. He did of course receive presents, but he had never experienced the wonder, on a Christmas Day morning, which comes from the anticipation of what all those enticing parcels might contain, before ripping away the gift paper to discover the delights within. This is because William’s gifts were never wrapped up in all that attractive festive paper that adds so much mystery to Christmas. I say it again, poor William!


The sight of a glittering Christmas tree, with intriguing and brightly decorated parcels nestled under its green branches, and a bulging Christmas stocking hanging by the fireplace, all enticing and inviting, were sights that William had never known. For, not only were his presents never wrapped in festive paper, but also his home had never seen a Christmas tree. Oh how he longed to have one; to see it dressed with coloured lights and pretty tinsel, and to see the sparkling baubles with the Christmas tree lights reflected in them. Oh to experience the smell of fresh pine needles.


All these Christmas enchantments William had never known and probably would never have, if Father Christmas had not decided to act to help poor William. William did not know it yet, but he was that year, about to have for the first time a real Christmas and all that goes with it.
It was the day of Christmas Eve. About lunchtime it had started to snow heavily. Within a few hours all was white. The snow, cold but soft, covered the ground and the rooftops, and lay upon the branches of the trees. It was a perfect Christmas setting. What was missing from this idyllic scene was Christmas itself, for within William’s home there was, yet again, no sign of Christmas—no tree, no decorations—and the few Christmas cards they had received, these were left in the corner on the floor, awaiting recycling. There was, without doubt, no Christmas spirit in William’s house, and yet he knew that it was all so different in the homes of his friends, who would now be waiting, with great anticipation and excitement, for the arrival of the man himself—Father Christmas.


William spent the afternoon gazing out of the window, watching the whiteness descend from the heavens, observing how the snow gradually, and as if by magic, transformed the world outside into a winter wonderland. It cheered him a little to see this, but deep within he was feeling sad, for he knew that this Christmas scene was as close to a real Christmas as he would ever get. But what he did not know, or even suspect, was that there was more to this snowstorm that just nature at work. No, what William did not realise, was that far to the north, in a land of eternal snow and ice, close to the North Pole, there was someone who had had enough of William’s silly parents, and was about to give William the best Christmas present that he had ever received.


Dear reader, can you imagine what this Christmas present was? I will of course tell you as my story unfolds, but this might not be the tale you are expecting. What happened was a real surprise. This, for the moment, is all I will say. Now read on and I will explain what occurred on that wintry Christmas Eve.




“No letter from William again this year,” said Father Christmas, feeling very sorry for the poor boy.


Christmas Eve had come and at the very same moment that William was gazing out of his window, Father Christmas was sitting by his blazing fire, warming himself, resting, before the busy night that lay ahead. Deep within his invisible palace of ice, all was set. The reindeer had been fed and the magic that makes them able to fly was already at work, and soon they would be ready to go. The Elves had finished loading the sleigh with all those presents, destined to be delivered to children across the world, regardless of where they live, or to what religious faith they belong, for Father Christmas does not make any judgements about people and their beliefs. In his eyes, all children are equally deserving of his attention and all he needs is a sign, some indication, that his visit is expected and welcome.


Such signs come in many different forms—in the letters he receives, or through the visits that children make to all those Santa’s Grottoes that spring up in toy shops at Christmas time, or from the air of excitement and anticipation in homes across the world as the Christmas season draws closer. But most important among these signs is a desire on the part of Mothers and Fathers that their children should enjoy their childhood and all its magical aspects—a magic that all children know is real, and which should be part of every child’s upbringing. And it was this most important of childhood experiences that was missing from William’s life.
You might wonder how it can be that one man is able to deliver such a large number of presents to so many children all in one night. This is a mystery …



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