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The Da Vinci Project - Reinventing Science, Technology and Engineering

The Da Vinci Project - Reinventing Science, Technology and Engineering


Perhaps you think that this is another attempt to rediscover Leonardo da Vinci and reinvent him in the modern world. You are wrong – Leonardo is the past and something of a myth, and we do not want him in the modern world given that he is a product of his times, but he, and others from that era, have much to teach in ways most strange, at least to people from the world of STEM.


The Da Vinci project is part of a larger one that focuses on the reinvention of science, taking it forward into the 21st century. Note that this is quite different from the aims of many of the followers of art-science/art-technology practices. They even have a journal named after him – Leonardo.


Our aim is very simple: to understand the man in context – primarily a sociological context.


Then we will reinvent science, and engineering and technology …


The aim is not therefore to reinvent the Renaissance Man, but to develop that which comes after The Enlightened Man, who still dominates the world, and that involves constructing a new world view, and therefore comes the matter of choosing a place to develop this view – it is of course in the spaces between spaces, rather than within spaces, which is one of the reasons for scriptovisualism.









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