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Sustainable Intensification

Sustainable Intensification is a concept that addresses the use of resources in agriculture, meaning such things as nature, knowledge, cooperation, physical items such as plant and equipment etc, technology, and capital (which enables access to, or use of, other types of resources). The interesting part relates the critical and pertinent question of the age, and that is which resources to intensify the use of, and which ones to de-intensify? The answer people provide to such a question betrays their values, beliefs and ideologies. Traditionally, the trend in the industrialised world has been towards increased technological intensity, often driven by increased scientific intensity, both of which require higher capital intensity. But with this goes increased energy intensity and increased carbon intensity. So now the issue is whether technological intensity should be reduced (and with it, possible certain types of science), and how less resource intensive inputs, such as knowledge of how to farm without these industrial era inputs, can provide a route to sustainable agriculture.









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