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e2001 - Abstracts

Abstracts of Papers Published in the Conference Proceedings

The proceedings of the e2001 conference were published by IOS Press. Further details can be found elsewhere on the website. Copies can be purchased from or Alternatively you can contact IOS Press directly:

IOS Press, Nieuwe Hemweg 6B, 1013 BG Amsterdam
The Netherlands, Tel: +31 20 688 33 55 Fax: +31 20 620 34 19

Abstracts are organised by section. The book contains 19 sections, organised in two volumes, as follows:

Volume 1: People Factors: Management, Work, Users, Customers, Trust and Security

Section 1.1: Strategy and Policy
Section 1.2: Organisational Issues
Section 1.3: Learning and Linguistic Support
Section 1.4: Work and Mobility
Section 1.5: Work and Sustainable Development
Section 1.6: Inteligent Services and Products
Section 1.7: Advanced Research in e-Market Places
Section 1.8: Law, Security, Trust and Confidence

Volume 2: Business Aspects and Considerations

Section 2.1: Mobile Applications for Business and Work
Section 2.2: Intelligent Supply Chain
Section 2.3: Corporate Knowledge Management
Section 2.4: Intelligent Networked Organisations
Section 2.5: e-Business for Manufacturing
Section 2.6: e-Business for the Construction Industry
Section 2.7: Further Industrial Applications
Section 2.8: Media and Entertainment Applications
Section 2.9: Government and Regional Developments
Section 2.10: Technologies and Infrastructures
Section 2.11: Platforms and Standards