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Paul T Kidd's TwitterTale 2: Men are Machines

Men are Machines

#paultkidd_twittertale2 Men are Machines

#paultkidd_twittertale2 humans evolved from simpler life forms

#paultkidd_twittertale2 God remade humans in his own image by giving them souls

#paultkidd_twittertale2 humanity flourished; men dominated; women suffered

#paultkidd_twittertale2 men discovered the scientific method; women suffered

#paultkidd_twittertale2 men forgot they had souls and decided humans were machines governed by cause and effect; women suffered

#paultkidd_twittertale2 men said that humans and machines are comparable; women suffered

#paultkidd_twittertale2 women thought this stupid; men did not listen; women suffered

#paultkidd_twittertale2 women thought that humans and machines are complementary; men did not listen; women suffered

#paultkidd_twittertale2 men made machines in their own image by giving them computers for brains; economic growth followed; women suffered

#paultkidd_twittertale2 men believed that this was the way to construct the best of all possible worlds; women did not; women suffered

#paultkidd_twittertale2 men helped machines to evolve; politicians were happy as this created jobs and greater prosperity; women suffered

#paultkidd_twittertale2 machines became better than men, and lacking souls, decided humans should be eliminated; women suffered

#paultkidd_twittertale2 humanity suffered – men accepted this, as this was just the natural outcome of Darwinism: the one best way

#paultkidd_twittertale2 women did not accept this, but suffered also as a result of the stupidity of men

#paultkidd_twittertale2 machines began to make other machines in their own image

#paultkidd_twittertale2 machines made a lot of money out of the hell that men had created, but economic growth was sustained

#paultkidd_twittertale2 there were no humans left to suffer

#paultkidd_twittertale2 political machines were very happy with their best of all possible worlds

#paultkidd_twittertale2 the end


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