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EMMSEC 97 Call for Papers

EMMSEC 97 Call for Papers


European Multimedia, Embedded Systems and Electronic Commerce Conference and Exposition
Florence, Italy
3-5 November 1997

Call for Papers


Theme: New technology - new business

The scope and emphasis of the seventh annual conference on embedded systems have been adjusted to reflect the wider use of microprocessors and their increasing economic importance. The programme now covers the three areas of microprocessors, multimedia and electronic commerce and the content will be emphasising how these new technologies can generate business ideas and opportunities. As usual there will be several parallel streams, an exhibition and social events including a partners' programme. The conference language is English and abstracts may be for technical papers, issue papers, workshop sessions or panel discussions. Topics can include, but are not restricted to, the following:


Applications in electronic commerce, embedded systems and multimedia
Consumer electronics
Entertainment and Games
Industrial control
Internet systems
Motion capture
Network Computing
Smart cards
Virtual reality

Hardware, Software and Tools
Design tools for small developers
DVD and new CD-ROM technology
Emerging technologies
Image compression
Reuse of intellectual property
Standards of interoperability

Commercial considerations
Business models
Business trends
Electronic Commerce value chain
Intellectual Property Rights
The regulatory environment
Usability, quality and testing


Abstracts for Technical papers, Issue papers, Workshops and Panel discussions
Abstracts, of no more than 300 words, can be mailed, faxed or emailed (please not more than one) before the 15 May 1997 to:
EMMSEC 97 c/o Cheshire Henbury

The abstract heading should state:Principal author's name and organisation, address, telephone, fax and email; Title of paper.
In the case of joint authors, communications will be with the first named author who should present the paper.The conference takes place in the attractive city of Florence and the fee is expected to be 500 Ecus. Authors are expected to register for the conference and will qualify for a ten per cent reduction.


Publishing schedule

Selected technical papers will be professionally published in book form and each delegate will receive a copy of the book on the opening day. This requires the following time scale:

Abstracts submitted before 15 May 1997

Abstracts accepted by the end of May 1997

Draft papers submitted by end of June 1997

The Programme Committee's final comments returned by the end of July 1997

Final papers to be delivered in camera-ready format mid September 1997

There will be an exhibition of posters and demonstrations covering projects, software, services and books. Posters must describe potential industrial benefits and be mainly visual, with any further details in handouts. There is no charge for space for manned displays but exhibitors must register for the conference and at this stage applicants should submit:

Contact name, address, phone, fax & email

Title of the poster or demonstration

The organisation or consortium represented

Topic description (about 100 words)

Special requirements e.g. electricity and on-line


The International Programme Committee

Chairman: Marco Bergometti, Giunti Multimedia (I)
Kari-Pekka Estola, Nokia (Su)
Antonella Fresa, CESVIT (I)
Charles Goldfinger, Global Financial Management (B)
Giulio Gorla, ITALTEL (I)
Gunther Heiner, Daimler-Benz (D)
Uros Janko, Multistream (D)
Paul Kidd, Cheshire Henbury (UK)
Jean-Marie Laporte, OMIMO
Matt Lee, ARM (UK)
Franco Maloberti, Universita di Pavia (I)
Juan Montes, Sony Entertainment (UK)
Silvana Muscella, MTRC-CPR (I)
Antoine Pery, Thomson Multimedia (F)
Patrick Pype, COWARE (B)
Yves Rene de Cotret, CEC
Jean-Yves Roger, CEC
Bernard Savonet, Les Changeurs (F)
Brian Stanford-Smith, STM (UK)
Wolfgang Strasser, University of Tubingen (D)


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