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EMMSEC 97 Programme

EMMSEC 97 Programme


European Multimedia, Embedded Systems and Electronic Commerce Conference and Exposition
Florence, Italy
3-5 November 1997



Annual Conference and Exhibition
European Multimedia, Embedded Systems and Electronic Commerce
Florence, Italy
3-5 November 1997
Theme: New technology - new business

Programme (version - 3/11/1997)

Exhibition and coffee breaks take place at 10.30 and 15.20 each day
Exhibition and luncheon will be served at 12.30 each day

Day one. Monday 3 November 1997

09.00 onwards Registration

09.30 Session 1: Opening plenary - Welcome and keynote address
Chairman: Raimondo Paletto, Chairman of the board of SGS Thomson (Italy)

Welcome to Florence
Marialina Murcucci, Vice president Tuscany Region (IT)
Reply on behalf of the delegates
Rosalie Zobel, The European Commission
Technology and the entertainment industry
Juan Montes, Sony Entertainment (UK)
Key technolgies in future consumer electronics
Göran Wahlberg, Nokia Mobile Phones (FI)
11.10 Session 2: Plenary - New business from new technology
Chairman: Raimondo Paletto, Chairman of the board of SGS Thomson (Italy)

Multimedia systems for sales and design aids
Richard Nilsson, Adtranz (SW)
The DAVINCI virtual corporation: perspectives on new ways to do business
Brendan Dunphy, Andersen Consulting (FR)
The Microelectronics and Computer technology Corporation
Howard Curtis, MCC (USA)
14.00 Session 3A: Multimedia new services for the consumer
The AMUSE project: interactive and distributive multimedia for residential users
Marco di Concetto, Itatel (IT)
Newspaper on-line service: from a business to consumer application perspective
William Drakos, Athens University of Economics and Business (GR)
Business-to-business digital video megastores
Michele Re, Finsiel (IT)
14.00 Session 3B: Electronic trading
Chairman: Uros Janko, Multistream (Germany)

ItalyShopping project
Francesco Grasso, CISFI-APCE Servizi (IT)
Home shopping of consumer goods
Rainer Malkewitz, Fraunhofer Institut für Datenverarbeiten (DE)
IHotel: an Internet hotel reservation management system
Zlatko Cajic, University of Maribor (SL)
Men@Work: example of a virtual WWW market place for office furniture
Ulf Timm, FORWISS (DE)

14.00 Session 3C: Electronic commerce agents
Chairman: Jean-Yves Roger, The European Commission

A service analysis and design framework for a brokerage service
M A Lambrou, National Technical University of Athens (GR)
Support for event handling in a mobile agents environment
Yolande Berbers, KULeuven (BE)
An architectural approach to brokerage in network based commerce
Ros Strens, University of Newcastle upon Tyne (UK)

14.00 Session 3D: Embedded systems applications
Chairman: Jean-Marie Laporte, OMIMO (Belgium)

Re-use of a VHDL library for a PCI bus controller
Pedro Merino Gonzales, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (ES)
Vehicle alarm positioning based upon pager/UHF communications and GPS systems
Kam Tam, University of Macau (PT)
Cascade: A smarter chip for smart cards
Patrick Biget, Gemplus (FR)
Genorating new business in Optoelectronics technology
Iain Ross, Scottish Enterprise (UK)

14.00 Session 3E: Supporting innovation and business in SMEs
Chairman: Frank Cunningham, The European Commission

User support networks
Geir Horn, SINTEF (NO)
The needs of small and medium sized companies
Karlheinz Ronge, Fraunhofer Institute (D)
Demonstrator prokects
Roger Gook, Embedded Solutions Ltd (GB)
CERIND - SMEs in RTD projects
Luca Agostini, Agenzia Polo Ceramico (IT)

14.00 Session 3F: Virtual socket interface 1
Chairman: Douglas Fairbairn, President VSI Alliance & Cadence Design Systems (USA)

The VAI Alliance, its mission and progress
Douglas Fairbairn, VSI Alliance & Cadence Design Systems (USA)
The imperative of cooperation in system-chip technologies
Stan Baker, VSI Alliance (USA)
Benefits to the industry of the VSI specifications
Howard Sachs, Fujitsu Microelectronics (USA)
The specification developments of the VSI Alliance
Larry Rosenberg, VSI Alliance (USA)
System level design
Mark Genoe, Alcatel Mietec (USA)

16.00 Session 4A: Multimedia and training
Chairman: Wolfgang Strasser, University of Tübingen (Germany)

HILDE: a generic platform for building hypermedia training applications
Aprhrodite Tsalgatidou, University of Athens (GR)
VIRTUS: self paced multimedia learning experience in management training
Christopher Bonnet, Assembly of French Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FR)
Q-LAMP: quick development of educational interactive multimedia packages
D. del Corso, Politecnico di Torino (IT)
16.00 Session 4B: Electronic commerce for business
Chairman: Paul Timmers, The European Commission

MALL2000+ - A vision for a virtual marketplace for businessmen
Hans-Juergen Hoffmann, Darmstadt University of Technology (DE)
Electronic commerce in the organised business to business market
Eric Blot-Lefevre, Thomnet (FR)
A web-site application for an international business association
Hans Bastiaan, European Foundation for Business Qualification (NL)
The electronic commerce value chain
Phil Shakeshaft, Northern Development Company (UK)
16.00 Session 4C: Electronic commerce legal and administration applications
Chairman: Giulio Gorla, ITALTEL (Italy)

How to build efficient city information systems
Milan Ojstersek, University of Maribor (SI)
Convergence of technologies and electronic commerce: protection of customers
Philippe Gerard, CRID (BE)
A visual surveillance system for the prevention of vandalism in metro stations
Andrea Teschioni, University of Genoa (IT)
Digital signatures and trusted third parties in health care telematics
Rosa Julia-Barcelo, CRID (BE)
16.00 Session 4D: The transport industry
Chairman Matt Lee, ARM (United Kingdom)

The SURGE transport user group : key factors for relevance to industry
George Duncan, ARTTIC (FR)
Prototyping car-embedded aplications
François Mosnier, Renault (FR)
Investment in Space
Fritz Obers, MBC Europe (NL)
Time triggered architecture
Christian Scheidler, Daimler Benz (DE)
16.00 Session 4E: European Information Technology Association
Chairman: Bob Cooper, The MARI Group (United Kingdom)

The establishment of electronically linked clusters in the offshore industry
John Williams, The MARI Group (UK)
TheY2000 date problem
Heinz Bons, SQS (DE)
Future purchasing methods
David Court, UK Government purchasing service, (UK)
A CHANCE for partnerships in Europe
Christian Baumhauer, ARTTIC (FR)

16.00 Session 4F: Virtual Socket Interface 2
Chairman: Douglas Fairbairn, President VSI Alliance & Cadence Design Systems (USA)


Day two. Tuesday 4 November

09.10 Session 5: Plenary - International co-operation
Chairman: Patrizia Fariselli, Nomisma (Italy)

The G7 pilot project "Global market place for SMEs"
Rosalie Zobel, The European Commission
EUREKA: together for the future
Ilena Vaas, EUREKA (BE)
Intelligent manufacturing systems
Willie van Puymbroeck, TheEuropean Commission

11.10 Session 6A: Multimedia graphics
Chairman: Jean-Yves Roger, The European Commission

3D graphics acceleration development
Paul Lister, University of Sussex (GB)
Computer aided design for generating photorealistic synthetic floor
Enrique Melendez, Instituto Tecnologico de Aragon (ES)
High speed but low cost polygon antialiasing
Wolfgang Strasser, Univeristät Tübingen (DE)
11.10 Session 6B: Electronic Commerce and new business models
Chairman: Uros Janko, Multistream (Germany)

SPIRIT: a co-operative approach to standards and open systems:
Richard Sitruk, ETIS (BE)
Electronic commerce support in the TESEO project
Mirella Mastretti, Itatel (IT)
The potential of electronic commerce in re-engineering consumer-retailer relationships
Alexandros Moukas, Athens University of Economics and Business (GR)

11.10 Session 6C: Electronic commerce for SMEs
Chairman: Marco Bergametti, Giunti Multimedia (Italy)

Electronic sales and marketing for small to medium size enterprises
Farid Meinkoehn, INFOPARTNERS (LU)
Internet: the current situation and expectations of Portuguese SMEs
Henriqueta Novoa, Universidade do Porto (PT)
Introducing strategies in electronic commerce for SMEs
Luis Gallud, FUNDESCO (ES)

11.10 Session 6D: Embedded systems and intellectual property
Chairman: Giulio Gorla, ITALTEL (Italy)

A combined approach to the support of SMEs
Nadim Krim, CMP (FR)
Business orientated embedded systems research in a virtual enterprise
Hannu Heusala, VTT (FI)
Relations between Universities and companies facing IPR problems
Juan Peire, UNED (ES)
Reusing intellectual property with parameterised hardware libraries
Steve McKeever, Imperial College (UK)
11.10 Session 6E: The multimedia network
Chairman: Antonella Fresa, CESVIT (Italy)

First announcement of MHEG support services
Klaus Hofrichter, GMD FOKUS (DE)
The Multimedia Educational Innovation Network
Nikitas Kastis, Lambrakis Research Foundation (GR)
Regional policies contribution to the growth of the European multimedia industry
Walter Ferrara, Toscana Region-High Technology Network (IT)
M.CUBE and MAGNET: shared know-how to multiply the chances
Antonella Fresa, CESVIT and MM-SIG Italia (IT)
11.10 Session 6F: Trading and commercialisation of software and hardware IP
Chairman: Rosalie Zobel, The European Commission

Trading of RTOS kernels via direct marketing and electronic commerce
Harvey Lovegrove, Eonic Systems
Marketing and licensing of the ARM microprocessor
Robin Saxby, Advanced Risc Machines (UK)
Building a catalogue of descriptions of world-wide IP accessible through the internet
Gabrièle Saucier, Design and reuse company
Setting standards for the interchange of data about IP
Diana Anderson, VSI Alliance (USA)
11.10 Session 6G: Designers' world
Chairman: Patricia Arundel, Eurothink (UK)
Introduction - Pat Arundel
The MODES Route - Ian Phillips, GPS (UK)
Visual Arhitect - Marie Cristina Borelli, Cadence (IT)
Respect - Francis Sourbier, LEDA (FR)
VHDL-ICE - Serafin Olcoz, SIDSA (ES)
The EOS rtos family - Ennio Bullo, Etnoteam (IT)
OMI Tools & co-design from a users perspective - Lothar Schrader, Siemens (DE)
Conclusions & OMI - Roberto del Moretto, The European Commission
14.00 Session 7A: Multimedia tools
Chairman: Antoine Pery, THOMSON multimedia (France)

Reusing multimedia components: a catalogue implementation
David Shearer, The Open University (UK)
Content based image retrieval in database system
Roberto Vaccaro, University of Genoa (IT)
MULTIUS: an authoring tool for developing multimedia tutoring systems
Xavier Alaman, Universidad Automa de Madrid (ES)
A multimedia development model
Silke Lechtenberg, Technical University of Clausthal (DE)

14.00 Session 7B: Electronic commerce and training
Chairman: Paul Timmers, The European Commission

Internet-delivered interactive training course using server-side simulations
Martin Birk, University of Ulm (DE)
Securing the delivery of electronic mail order for distance learning
Steve Armstrong, The Open University (UK)
Applying advanced multimedia concepts in health and education
Maurice Houtsma, Telematics Research Centre Enschede (NL)

14.00.Session 7C: Electronic Commerce and doing business
Chairman: Matt Lee, ARM (United Kingdom)

New trends on tourism electronic marketing
Fermin Calvo, Institut BIT (ES)
Adecco?s online jobshop combining WWW and kiosk personnel recruitment
Bernhard Holtkamp, Fraunhofer-Institut, (DE)
TISSUS - a market place for textile images and patterns
Charlotte Bayart, SELISA (FR)
TEX.A.T.WORK. telematics in the textile, clothing and distribution chain
Kussai Shahin, ASTER (IT)

14.00 Session 7D: Embedded systems methodology
Chairman: Kari-Pekka Estola, Nokia (Finland)

Objective VHDL: the object orientated approach to hardware re-use
Martin Redetzki, OFIS (DE)
Solid state systems are not just bigger chips!
Ian Phillips, GEC Plessey Semiconductors (UK)
Portable open software architecture for industry
Stephen Pelc, MicroProcessor Engineering (UK)
14.00 Session 7E: IEEE 1355 Association
Chairman: Peter Thomson, SRF/PACT (United Kingdom)

Scalable multi-channel communication subsystems
Paul Rastetter, Dornier Satellitensysteme (DE)
Switched multimedia networks for the home
Barry Cooke, Keeele University (UK)
A low cost high performance multicast routing switch chip for communication networks
B C O'Neill, Nottingham Trent University (UK)
PCI-DDC network controller for the RCUBE router
Franck Wajsburt, Université Pierre et Marie Curie (FR)
14.00 Session 7F: Virtual and augmented reality for business applications
Chairman: Roberto Gagliardi - CNUCE/CNR (Italy)

Maintenance system based on telepresence for remote operators
Olivia Catoni, CPR (IT)
Collaborative virtual environment - telepresence using the Dovre framework
Ola Ødegåd, Telenor (NO)
Using multimedia software agents in the light mobility industry
Franco Accordino, CPR (IT)
16.00 Session: 8A Multimedia virtual reality
Chairman: Antoine Pery, THOMSON multimedia (France)

A distributed software platform for virtual reality applications
Frans Arickx, University of Antwerp (BE)
Usability assessment of virtual reality design for electronic commerce
Iain McKay, Univerity of Edinburgh (UK)
Artificial intelligence and virtual reality in maintenance training of electrical equipment
Alberta Bertin, CISE (IT)
16.00 Session 8B: IPR for the information society
Chairman: Jean-Marie Laporte, OMIMO (Belgium)

A watermarking technique for the protection of digital images IPR
Alessandro Piva, Università di Firenze (IT)
IP - What it is and how to value, protect and exploit it
Tony Dent, IPRIAS (UK)
Indentification of works distributed by digital channels
J.M. Borde, AFNOR (FR)
Electronic commerce of intangible goods, IPR issues
Edmond Kouka, EURITIS (FR)
16.00 Session 8C: Electronic Commerce for business success
Chairman: Antonella Fresa, CESVIT (Italy)

Electronic commerce services for home automation
P. Robin, Trialog (FR)
The IPR debate over internet browsing
Thomas Longo, University Bologna, (IT)
Addressing the internet challenge
Jon Tyler, The Robert Gordon University (UK)
The deployment of an internet shop and its business performances
Paolo Montrasio, Etnoteam (IT)

16.00 Session 8D: Embedded systems and software
Chairman: Roberto del Moretto, The Eurropean Commission

SOOM: distributed embedded objects with "componentised OS", CORBA and JAVA
Didier Irlande, Chorus Systems (FR)
SPAM - software portability assessment methodology
Patricia Arundel, Etnoteam (IT)
Retargetable compilers for embedded DSPs
Rainer Leupers, Univeristy of Dortmund (DE)
Improving software products quality through the use of metrics
Ana Ayerbe, ROBOTIKER (ES)

16.00 Session 8E: IEEE 1355 Association
Chairman: Paul Walker, 4Links (United Kingdom)

Large valency serial wormhole routing networks
Neil Davies, SRF/PACT (UK)
The Macrame 1024 node switching network
Brian Martin, CERN (CH)
SmartHSL: an evaluation board kit for the IEEE 1355 technology
Alain Greiner, Université Pierre et Marie Curie (FR)
Multi queue management and scheduling for improved Qos in communication networks
Dimitrios Serpanos, ICS FORTH (GR)

16.00 Session 8F Workshop for potential proposers by the IDEALFIT project
Chairman: Roberto Gagliardi CNUCE CNR (Italy)

Introduction to current call
Rosalie Zobel, The European Commission
What is IDEALFIT - ESPRIT for newcomers
Danielle Sterkendries, VAV/ALPROCUR (BE)
Walkthrough of ESPRIT - Partner search
Bent Egebart, BE Informatik (DK)
Surviving the evaluation
Paul Drath, SingleImage (UK)
Company Presentations by SMEs
Day three. Wednesday 5 November
09.10 Session 9A: Multimedia technologies
Chairman: Yves René de Cotret, The European Commission

The digital film centre
Floris Kolvenbach, Kolvenbach Beheer II (NL)
Optical high speed network for distributed image processing
C. Müller, AMO (DE)
Dynamic MHEG applications for DAVIC and WWW
Klaus Hofrichter, GMD FOKUS (DE)
From narrowband to wideband multimedia services in GSM networks
Harri Halminen, Nokia Mobile Phones (FI)

09.10 Session 9B: Electronic commerce provides new services
Chairman: Marco Bergometti, Giunti Multimedia (Italy)

Towards a European employment exchange
Robert van Zoelen, EurEmpex (NL)
TIMES, a support for an electronic press review service
Sandra Bruzzo, Elsag Bailey (IT)
The IMPRIMATUR multimedia IPR-management system
Jens Koblin, Teles (DE)

09.10 Session 9C: Electronic commerce and mobility
Chairman: Wolfgang Strasser, University of Tubingen (Germany)

System requirements of wireless terminals for future multimedia applications
Jarno Knuutila, Nokia (FI)
Mobile multimedia for the mobile business user
Gerard Havermans, Philips (NL)
Usability issues in a low-bandwidth multimedia services system
Markku Tamski, Nokia Mobile Phones (FI)
Support of personal mobility by open service architectures
E.C. Tzifa, National Technical University of Athens (GR)

09.10 Session 9D: Smart cards

An advanced card operating system on the cascade platform
Jean-Marie Place, CHRU (FR)
Scalability concepts in cryptographic co-processing
Holgar Bock, Graz University of Technology (AT)
Architecture for multimedia-based telematic public information points
Lucia Ardao, Universidad de La Coruña (ES)

09.10 Session 9E Collaborative engineering
Chairman: Adam Pawlak (France)
Xavier Warzee, Thomson CSF/TTM (FR)
John Willis FTL Systems (GB)
Alexander Smirnov, St Petersburg Institute for Informatics and Automation (RU)
Wojciech Cellary, Akademia Ekonomiczna (PO)

09.10 Session 9F Innovation relay centres: supporting technology transfer in SMEs
Chairman: Cinzia Giachetti, Consorzio Pisa Richerche (Italy)

Attilio Stajano, The European Commission
An example of a technology transfer model
Giuliano Bianchi, Tuscany region (IT)
Supporting technology transfer
Matti Supponen, TEKES (FI)
Software multimedia applications
Francesco Surico, IRIDE (IT)
ASPECT project: measuring the appearance of ceramic tiles
Antonio Maccari, Macs tech (IT)

11.10 Session 10 Plenary - New technology for new business
Chairman: Albino Bertoletti, Giunti Multimedia (Italy)

Developments in processors
Robin Saxby, Advanced RISC Machines (UK)
Telecommunication services
Amondo Limongi, Telecom Italia (IT)
Smart Cards: from 8 bits MCU to 32 bits virtual machines
Philippe Maes, Gemplus (FR)

14.00 Session 11A Tutorial on the Fifth Framework programme
Chairman: Rosalie Zobel, The European Commission

14.00 Session 11B Tutorial on Exploitation and commercial issues
Chairman: Jean-Marie Laporte, OMIMO (BE)

The PROSOMA service
Attilio Stajano, The European Commission
Creating the business plan
Uros Janko, Multistream (DE)



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