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EMMSEC 98 Programme

EMMSEC 98 Programme


European Multimedia, Embedded Systems and Electronic Commerce Conference and Exposition
Bordeaux, France, 28-30 September 1998



Annual Conference and Exhibition
European Multimedia, Embedded Systems and Electronic Commerce
Bordeaux, France, 28-30 September 1998

Programme (version - 28/9/1998)

Exhibition and coffee breaks take place at 10.20 and 15.20 each day
Exhibition and luncheon will be served at 12.20 each day

Day one. Monday 28 September 1998

08.00 onwards Registration

09.00 Session 1: Plenary - Welcome and keynote address
Chairman: Michel Carpentier, Honorary Director General, The European Commission

Welcome to Bordeaux
The President of the Bordeaux Chamber of Commerce
Reply on behalf of the delegates
Rosalie Zobel, The European Commission
On the way to Pervasive Computing: New Challenges for the Information System
Claude Boulle, Director European Co-operation, Groupe Bull France
Information Orientation Strategy of Gifu Prefecture
Tsuneo Morimoto, Vice Governor, GIFU Prefecture, Japan T. Morimoto
11.00 Session 2: Plenary - New technology
Chairman: Michel Carpentier, Honorary Director General, The European Commission

The Global Networked Business Comes of Age
Yvon Le Roux, CISCO
Vision and virtual reality
Roger Frampton, Cyber-Wizard, UK
Trust in online commerce
Derek Kueter, Coopers & Lybrand, Luxembourg and M.S. Marshall
14.00 Session 3A: Digital media
Chairman: Uros Janko, Asita Technologies, Germany

Application-driven requirements for digital watermarking technology
Mauritizio Lunghi, University of Florence, Italy
Assessing the feasibility of using a media I/O processor in a VOD server
Martin Maierhofer, University of Teesside, UK
VICAR - an automatic video annotation system
Werner Haas, Joanneum Research, Austria
Analysis and processing of compressed news feeds
Guido Falkemeier, Technical University of Clausthal, Germany
14.00 Session 3B: Security and trust
Chairman: Ilse van Rijsberg, citius, Belgium

Barriers to electronic commerce
Marianne N. Storrøsten, Norwegian Computing Center, Norway
Survey on trust enhancing products in the security domain
Stefano Perlusz, Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, Italy
A Low-cost Internet Packet Filter
Jon Tyler, The Robert Gordon University, UK
Filing patent applications electronically
Matthias Blumenfeld, European Patent Office, The Netherlands
14.00 Session 3C: Electronic Commerce for the smaller business
Chairman: Matt Lee, Advanced Risc Machines, UK

Best practice solutions of electronic commerce for SMEs
Stephane Ruch, Simulog, France
Marketing SME capability: an internet application
Phil Shakeshaft, Northern Development Company, UK
The role of electronic commerce for Portuguese SMEs in the global marketplace
Aires Duarte Silva, Universidade do Porto, Portugal
Electronic commerce - expectations and realities for SMEs
Denise Eccles, Manchester Technology Management Centre, UK
14.00 Session 3D: Design reuse
Chairman: Jean-Yves Roger, The European Commission

Automating quality assurance for intellectual property cores
Dimitrios Siganos, Imperial College, UK
COSY: methodology for system design based on re-usable hardware and software IP
Wido Kruytzer, Philips Research, the Netherlands
IP - is design for re-use the same as design for IP trading ?
Tony Dent, Iprias Ltd, UK
Challenges in IP Reuse
P. Delforge, Alcatel Microelectronics, Belgium
14.00 Session 3E: IDEALFIT Session on how to Prepare a Good Proposal
Chairman: Paul Drath, Singleimage, English Partner, Idealfit Consortium

Esprit: lesson learned by a SME software company
Ralph Traphoener, TECINNO, Germany
How European Home Systems was built through Esprit
Bruno Jean Bart, TRIALOG, France
How to make people say Yes
Floris Kolvenbach, Digital Film Center NL BV, Netherlands
Moving from the national to the international level in digital publishing
Marco Bergometti, Giunti Multimedia, Italy
How a SME can spin-off out an university with support from Esprit
Robert Strobl, BOC Information Technology Consulting, Austria
14.00 Session 3F OMI Workshop on Processors and peripherals
Chairman: Frank Cunningham, the European Commission

OMI - developments in processor cores and peripherals
Tony Gore, Aspen Enterprises, UK
16.00 Session 4A: Graphics, Displays and Images
Chairman: Wolfgang Heiden, GMD IMK, Germany

A head-up display with LCD on silicium light valve for enhance vision
Frédéric de Lauzun, Sextant Avionique, France
MEDStation: bringing together medical imaging and diagnosis
A.Kugler, University of Tübingen, Germany
Visions and realities in the NewsPad constituency
Alfonso Molina, University of Edinburgh, UK
Image database management with content based techniques
Roberto Vaccaro, University of Genoa, Italy
16.00 Session 4B: The role of Agents in Electronic Commerce
Chairman: Uros Janko, Asita Technologies, Germany

Internet marketing: subjective product characteristics in agent assisted trade
Erik Wallin, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
A mobile agents based architecture for building virtual markets
Alberto Pan Bermudez, Universidad de A Coruna, Spain
An agent system for comparative shopping at the point of sale
Giorgos Zacharia, MIT Media Laboratory, USA
Exploiting Intelligent Agents to Provide Customised Services in an Internet Shop
Paolo Montrasio, Etnoteam, Italy
16.00 Session 4C: Applying Electronic Commerce
Chairman: Göran Wahlberg, Nokia, Germany

Electronic Commerce: Redefining the Transportation Model
Colum Joyce, DHL Global Coordination Center, Belgium
Relay Food Project: Remote Life Cycle Support for Industrial Machinery: A Pilot Project in the Food Industry
Sabrina Dellapina, Frigomeccanica, Italy
CoSEPPA: cooperative server for exalting and promoting plastic arts
Edmond F. Kouka, EURITIS, France
A New Challenge for SMEs: The Electronic Trading of Intangible Assets
Farid Meinköhn, Infopartners, Luxembourg
16.00 Session 4D: Applications
Chairman: Jean-Marie Laporte, EVA Technologies, France

Automatic fruit quality sorting using computer vision techniques
Maged M.M. Fahmy, Informatics Research Institute, Egypt
Musical sounds synthesis with an high and foreseeable accuracy
Edith Leautey, Institut D'Electronique Fondamentale, France
Extended memory card
Patrick Biget, Gemplus R&D, France
Smart electric water heaters in Europe
Antonio Kung, TRIALOG, France
16.00 Session 4E: IDEALFIT Brokerage event
Chairman: Bent Egebart, National Agency of Industry and Trade, Denmark

A session to help SMEs find project partners
16:00 Session 4F OMI Workshop on embedded solutions for transport
Chairman: Frank Cunningham, The European Commission

An Oasis of Motoring Innovation: OMI and the Automotive Industry
George Duncan, FSDA Ltd, France
17.30 Cocktail reception hosted by ARM
Day two. Tuesday 29 September 1998
09.00 Session 5: Plenary - Exploitation
Invited Chairman: Robin Saxby, ARM, UK

Developing the product
Uros Janko, Managing Director, Asita Technologies, Germany
Virtual Clustering in the Multimedia Authoring Industry : A Personal Experience in Building a Medium Size Company
Hubert Stijns, Administrateur Directeur, CTP Publishing, Belgium
11.00 Session 6A: Multimedia design tools
Chairman: Christian Dutilleux, Art & Magic, Belgium

GRiNS: a graphical interface for creating and playing SMIL documents
Michael Wilson, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, UK
MELISSA: natural language interfacing to standard software applications
Khanh Tran-Huy, Sema Group Business Systems, France
A framework for integrating custom applications into multimedia annotations
Steffan Fischer, University of Stuttgart, Germany
AMUSE: a comprehensive distributed multimedia service platform
Corrado Rosa, ITALTEL Central Research Laboratories, Italy
11.00 Session 6B: Applications of Electronic Commerce I
Chairman: Ilse van Rijsbergen, citius, Belgium

Guided internet tours: using web-based knowledge in an educational environment
H. Schumacher, University of Ulm, Germany
Furniture business meets the internet
Rainer Malkewitz, Fraunhofer Inst für Graphische Datenverarbeitung, Germany
Information objects - the first virtual software house in Switzerland
Katarina Stanoevska-Slabeva, University St. Gallen, Switzerland
Medical products electronic commerce
Stergious Palamas, National Technical University of Athens, Greece
11.00 Session 6C: Internet Technologies
Chairman: Matt Lee, Advanced Risc Machines, UK

Data mining techniques in electronic shopping malls
Louis Moussy, @t INTERNET Cy, France
Business-to-business electronic trading as co-operative workflows
Tor Lillqvist, VTT Information Technology, Finland
Internet-based Infobroker for Electronic Commerce
Ralph Horstmann, FORWISS, Germany
A framework for agent based brokerage services in electronic commerce
Nikos K. Lakoumentas, National Technical University of Athens, Greece
11.00 Session 6D: Software design
Chairman: Pierre Paradinas, Gemplus, France

Automated numerical and data range analysis of control software
Guenter Schumacher, Universitaet Karlsruhe, Germany
Development assistant for C: a development and maintenance environment
Dragan Bojic, University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia
SAFELAND: a fault-tree based environment to software safety analysis
Manthos A. Tsoukarellas, Advanced Informatics Ltd., Greece
The MISRA C language subset for safety related embedded systems
Paul Edwards, Rover Group, UK
11.00 Session 6E: Infrastructure for SME Support
Chairman: Frank Cunningham, The European Commission

Best practice for SMEs - PrOMInent experiences for the future
Vibeke Mjaaland, SINTEF Electronics and Cybernetics, Norway
SMEs' best practice business model in OMI
Giulio Ravizzi, Innova, Italy
Assisting SMEs to exploit their intellectual property - the assistec project
Tony Dent, Iprias, UK
The TEFT program - technology transfer á la carte
Per Schjølberg-Henriksen, SINTEF, Electronics and Cybernetics, Norway
11.00 Session 6F OMI Workshop on embedded solutions for communications
Chairman: Uros Janko, Asita Technologies, Germany

The Death of Distance: OMI and the Communication Industry
Cornelis Bruin, The European Commission
14.00 Session 7A: Design of multimedia systems
Chairman: Göran Wahlberg, Nokia, Germany

Assessment of technologies for multimedia data streaming
Martin Maierhofer, University of Teesside, UK
Effort estimation for multimedia information systems development
S. Lechtenberg, Technical University of Clausthal, Germany
MovieDNA and its use in copyright protection
Peter Uray, Joanneum Research, Austria
Some case studies for a new multimedia authoring tool: lessons learnt
Xavier Alaman, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain
14.00 Session 7B: Applications in Electronic Commerce
Chairman: Pierre Paradinas, Gemplus, France

A novel fully automated web server for weather satellite images
Martin Birk, University of Ulm, Germany
Producing Distributed Education for the Corporate Intranet
Alex Jonsson, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
Object-orientation, JAVA, CORBA; technologies for an innovative ERP-system
Alexandra Kees, Forschungsinstitut für Rationalisierung eV, Germany
Collaborative virtual environments
Stefan Noll, Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics, Germany
14.00 Session 7C: Design of web sites
Chairman: Jean-Yves Roger, The European Commission

Web auctions
Markku Kylänpää, VTT Information Technology, Finland
A framework for developing web based information systems
Milan Ojsteršek, University of Maribor, Slovenia
Management support for content and design objects of joint web sites
Bernhard Holtkamp, Fraunhofer Inst für Software und Systemtechnik, Germany
Towards a new web applications development practices
William Drakos, Athens University of Economics and Business, Greece
14.00 Session 7D: Applications II
Chairman: Karl-Einer Sjodin, NUTEK, Sweden

Embedded logic technology and its application
P.F. Lister, University of Sussex, UK
A noise-robust speech processing and recognition development system
Pedro Gómez, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain
Lightweight Ethernet protocol to connect time-triggered real-time system to Internet
Markus Kucera, TU Wien, Austria
Searching for synergy in transport embedded systems: issues and opportunities
George Duncan, FSDA Ltd, France
14.00 Session 7E: SME Embedded systems for special use
Chairman: Uros Janko, Asita Technologies, Germany

Guide-Man - a new audio guide
Alain Eisenstein, MANIK, France
Rolltalk- integration of a communication bus in an aid for the severely disabled
Terje Myhre, IGEL, Norway
The GPFT portable fleet terminal project
Christos Koulouris, Synergy Systems, Greece
14.00 Session 7F OMI Workshop on Designers' World
Chairman: Pat Arundel, Eurothink, France

Designers' World
Pat Arundel, Eurothink, France
16.00 Session 8A: Applications in Multimedia
Chairman: Karl-Einer Sjodin, NUTEK, Sweden

Products distribution with map and multimedia
Roumiana Tsankova, Technical University Sofia, Bulgaria
Augmented reality for collaborative telepresence applications
Espen Ottar, Telenor R&D, Norway
An Anatomic Human body for Motion Capture
R Boulic, Swiss Federal University of Technology, Switzerland
16.00 Session 8B: Applications in Electronic Commerce III
Chairman: Christian Dutilleux, Art & Magic, Belgium

A laboratory information management system using open internet standards
Martin Birk, University of Ulm, Germany
Covering spectator events for a remote audience using web-based technology
Alex Jonsson, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
Extranet-based maintenance and customisation of tourism information
B. Pröll, University of Linz, Austria
Edutainment on the Internet
Vlad Ionesco, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
16.00 Session 8C: Design of web sites II
Chairman: Ilse Van Rijsbergen, citius, Belgium

Taking feedback seriously - management of customer interaction on WWW-sites
Felix Meyer, Daimler-Benz Research and Technology, Germany
TAPPE is creating a market place for European public procurers
Sverre Bauck, Posten SDS, Norway
TRiAls in the domain of electronic commerce: the TRADE project
Corrado Rosa, ITALTEL Central Research Labs, Italy
Integration of Electronic Commerce Business Processes in Virtual Enterprises
Vaggelis Ouzounis, GMD-Fokus, Germany
16.00 Session 8D: Design of embedded systems
Chairman: Jean-Marie Laporte, EVA Technologies, France

CADnet Framework: An Open Platform for Multidisciplinary and Collaborative Chip Design
Nadim Krim, CMP, France
Compiler techniques for fast migration of embedded applications
Thilo Gaul, Universitaet Karlsruhe, Germany
An integrated solution for time-to-market in embedded systems
Ennio Bullo, Etnoteam, Italy
Handling adaptive behaviour in real-time systems
Yolande Berbers, KULeuven, Belgium
16.00 Session 8E: SME embedded systems for general use
Chairman: Uros Janko, Asita Technologies, Germany

RADOM; a low-cost prototyping environment for microprocessor-based systems
Vagelis Mariatos, Synergy Systems, Greece
V-NET: an adapter card for wireless local area networks.
Stelios Koutroubinas, DCT Hellas, Greece
SA2 - Strong Arm architecture for high performance, low cost ATM equipment
Giovanni Ciardiello, Unitel, Italy
17.30 Cocktail reception hosted by Siemens
Day three. Wednesday 30 September 1998
09.00 Session 9A: Training and Technology Transfer
Chairman: Worlfgang Heiden, GMD IMK, Germany

Virtual device: toying with solid state physics?
Andy Negoi, LPCS, UMR CNRS 5531, France
Virtual class: a long-life learning telematics tool for SMEs
Maria Perez, Universidad de Valladolid, Spain
VISCP: an interactive system for practical training on digital electronics
Loreto Rodríguez-Pardo, Universidad de Vigo, Spain
Development and dissemination of technology within a University-Industry framework
Juan Peire, Ciudad Universitaria, Spain
09.00 Session 9B: Business Issues
Chairman: Jean-Marie Laporte, EVA Technologies, France

CEN/ISSS's approach to standards for the information society
John Ketchell, CEN/ISSS, Belgium
ICNET: a model for evaluating the benefits of internet based systems in SMEs
Henriqueta Nóvoa, Universidade do Porto, Portugal
Organisation: Electronic Commerce and the Euro Single Market
Eric Blot-Lefevre, Electronic Commerce Europe, France
Making more profitable your bids in a competitive environment
Gilles Raynard, IXI, France
09.00 Session 9C: Infrastructure issues in Electronic Commerce
Chairman: Karl-Einer Sjodin, NUTEK, Sweden

An approach to the scientific document parameters of the internet
Maria R. Osuna Alarcon, Universidad de Salamanca, Spain
Chaotic encryption - an innovative technology in secure communications?
J. Ulbikas, FEMIRC, Lithuania
Infrastructures for electronic commerce - comparing TINA and internet concepts
Reza Farsi, University of Frankfurt, Germany
Advanced service creation environment: practices implementation and application
E. Tzifa, National Technical University of Athens, Greece
09.00 Session 9D: Embedded systems and the Internet
Chairman: Pierre Paradinas, Gemplus, France

POLICOM: power line communications ASIC
Enrique Ramos Martinez, SAINCO, Spain
Implementation of TCP/IP for interconnectivity applications in a microcontroller.
Edelmira Merino, Techological Institute of Aragón, ITA, Spain
Integration of Internet and Java technologies on the EOS operating system
Francesco Aliverti, Etnoteam, Italy
Next generation telecommunication processors for ISDN/LAN applications
G. Doumenis, National Technical University of Athens, Greece
09.00 Session 9E: Workshop on Electronic Commerce Business Models for SMEs
Chairman: Vaggelis Ouzounis, GMD-Fokus, Germany

Electronic commerce: commercial scenarios, business models and technologies for SMEs
Vaggelis Ouzounis, GMD-Fokus, Germany
Business models for different business sectors
Robert Delhaas, Baan Investment, The Netherlands
Electronic commerce: EU policies and SMEs
Anne Troye-Walker, The European Commission
Electronic Commerce and SMEs: Keys for Success
George Fischer, Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie de Paris, France
Electronic Commerce and SMEs: Expectations, Reality, and Future Trends
Volker Tschammer, GMD-Fokus, Germany
09.00 Session 9F Embedded solutions for the consumer
Chairman: Jean Yves Roger, The European Commission

Impact of OMI on Consumer Electronics
Alfonso Molina, University of Edinburgh, UK
11.00 Session 10A Multimedia applications
Applying compression techniques to mammographic images
Lorenzo Gomez, Univ. Santiago, Spain.
A multimedia educational system for distance learning on interactive networks
Lucía Ardao, University of A Coruña,, Spain
Multimedia in breast cancer pathology
Fabrizio Cardinali, Interactive Labs Giunti, Italy
Marketing DFILM
Floris Kolvenbach, DFC Europe BV, The Netherlands
11.00 Session 10D Embedded systems design
Low cost access to advanced technologies for prototyping and small volume
Nadim Krim, CMP, France
A catalogue generator for electronic virtual components
Bobby Behnam, Design And Reuse, France
SETTA: a systems engineering environment for time-triggered architectures
Christian Scheidler, Daimler-Benz Research and Technology, Germany
A co-design methodology for embedded telecommunication systems
Sofia K. Tsasakou, INTRACOM, Greece
13.30 Tutorial on Framework Five
Rosalie Zobel, The European Commission
14.00 Closing Session 11: Plenary, Future trends in technology
Chairman: Rosalie Zobel, The European Commission

Broadband Networking - Key to the Information Society
Göran Wahlberg Nokia, Germany
Internet Commerce and Selling Over the Internet: Benefits and Challenges
Robert Fleming, Group Product Manager, Oracle, USA
The impact of new technology on business
Rod Fleck, Managing Director, Siemens Microelectronics Inc, USA
SCI Conference
Tuesday 29 September and Wednesday 30 September
A parallel two-day conference on the subject of SCI (Scalable Coherent Interface) will run on the same site as EMMSEC 98. Attendance at all SCI sessions is included in the EMMSEC delegate's fee. The SCI programme is maintained on:



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