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EMMSEC 99 Call for Papers

EMMSEC 99 Call for Papers


European Multimedia, Embedded Systems and Electronic Commerce Conference and Exposition
Stockholm, Sweden, 21-23 June 1999

Call for Papers


EMMSEC 99, the ninth in a series of Annual Conferences, will highlight new developments and business opportunities in the areas of electronic commerce, multimedia, technologies for business processes and embedded systems. EMMSEC is supported by the European Commission and has become a significant European event with the 1998 meeting in Bordeaux attracting nearly 400 delegates and over 50 exhibitors. As usual there will be several parallel streams, an exhibition and social events including a partners' programme. The content will deal with new technologies, their convergence, applications, business systems, commercial opportunities and potential benefits, particularly as regards smaller businesses. The conference language is English and abstracts may be for individual papers or offers to arrange complete sessions.


Abstracts for Papers or Sessions
Abstracts, of up to 300 words, should be sent by post or email - please not both - before 30 November 1998 to the address below. (There will be separate, later call for Exhibitors)
Paul T Kidd
Cheshire Henbury (EMMSEC 99)

The abstract heading should state the title of the paper and the principal author's name, organisation, address, telephone, fax and email. For submissions by email, please use EMMSEC99 followed by your surname, as the subject. In the case of joint authors, communications will be with the first named author, who will be assumed to be the presenter unless you inform us otherwise.


Presentation and Publication
EMMSEC 99 is likely to follow the same format as EMMSEC 98 with presentations being allowed twenty minutes, including questions, and papers given up to eight pages in the published book of the proceedings. However, this obviously depends on the number of papers submitted and accepted. The International Programme Committee will review abstracts and the draft papers. Technical and plenary papers will be professionally published as a book which each delegate will receive on the opening day and which will subsequently be marketed throughout the industrialised world. Copyright will remain with the authors but papers will not be presented or published unless presenters have registered for the conference and paid the delegate fee. The conference takes place in the city of Stockholm and the fee will be 550 Ecus or less (EMMSEC 98 was 500 Ecus). Authors will qualify for at least ten per cent off the full fee.Technical and plenary papers will be professionally published in book form which will be issued on the opening day. This requires the following time scale

Publishing schedule

Abstracts submitted before end of November 1998

Abstracts accepted by the end of December 1998

Draft papers submitted by end of January 1999

The Programme Committee's final comments returned by the end of February 1999

Final papers to be delivered in camera-ready format before the end of March 1999

Topics for papers or sessions can include, but are not are not restricted to, the following:


Electronic Commerce
Applications and case studies in business, government, health care etc.
Awareness & dissemination of best practices
Broadband communications
Business case creation & justification
Business models
Cultural barriers
Digital and secure payments
Digital signatures
Enabling new business strategies
Implementation methods and tools
Information mining
Intellectual property issues
Intelligent agents & other emerging technologies
International standards
Issues relating to developing countries
Legal frameworks and legislative issues
New methods of working
On-line entertainment, video games, etc.
Security methods and tools
Support for globalisation
Technology transfer and diffusion
The internet and mass customisation
Trust and confidence
Uses and benefits for SMEs

Applications and advantages for SMEs
Applications and case studies
Design tools
Digital television
Digital watermarking
Graphics compression
Intellectual property issues
International standards
Kiosks in banking and retailing etc
Mobile communications
Multimedia production
Operating systems for hand held devices
Personal multimedia appliances
Role in mass customisation
Storage, access & manipulation
The multimedia home
User friendly computing
Virtual reality

Technologies for Business Processes
Awareness and best practices
Business process reengineering tools
Case studies and applications
Design of cross enterprise business processes
Human resource issues
Justification methods for the business process approach
Managing change in business process reengineering projects
Methodologies in business reorganisation
Metrics of business change
Performance measurement systems in business processes
Special issues relating to small to medium size companies
Technologies for supply chain integration
Use of business processes to support mass customisation

Embedded Systems
Applications in telecommunications, automotive & manufacturing
Applications involving the Internet
Applications of smart cards
Consumer electronics
Electronic games.
Embedded system in support of mass customisation
Embedded systems role in product innovation
Hardware and software co-design
Home automation
Impact of year 2000 date problem
International standards for smart cards
Issues relating to smaller businesses
Microprocessor designs
Real time and safety critical application environments
Remote sensing and control
Results of smart card pilot studies in transport, health care, electronic cash etc.
Reuse of intellectual property
Scalable coherent interface
Set-top boxes
System on a chip design tools
Systems software



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