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ICT & ART CONNECT at Ars Electronica 2014


ICT & ART CONNECT at Ars Electronica 2014

ICT ART roundtable / Lunchbox 2
with Robert Madelin (UK), Francesca Bria (IT), Lucía García (ES), Luis Miguel Girão (PT), Hiroshi Ishii (JP), Golan Levin (US), Joachim Sauter (DE)
Fri September 5, 2014, 12 PM-2 PM
Akademisches Gymnasium, Gala Room

What is the outcome if work on novel ICT – Information and Communication Technologies –is linked with artistic expression? This is the question asked by the study ICT Art Connect funded by the European Commission (DG CONNECT) and the question raised during the roundtable. Following a trend towards convergence of all domains of knowledge, the Arts are gaining prominence as a catalyst for radical transformations of R&D&I practices.

Integrating artists
Integrating artists to trigger disruptive innovation is becoming common practice, world-wide, in many innovative institutions and high-tech companies in order to convert technical skill and scientific knowledge into innovative products, make technologies more human-centered and to immerse better technology into society and culture and most importantly into human experience.

Best interaction of Arts and ICT
It is timely to analyse how these developments can be best taken up in research funded by the European Commission. The round table at the Future Innovators Summit brings together artists and eminent experts in ICT to discuss how ICT and the Arts can best interact and what the outcomes of such collaboration could be.


BIO KiiCS Open Training workshop, ICT ART preview & discussion
Kapelica Gallery (SI), Science Gallery (IE), Waag Society (NL)
SAT September 6 2014, 10:30 AM - 12 noon
Akademisches Gymnasium, New Building, I-Center

KiiCS–Knowledge Incubation in Innovation and Creation is produced jointly by Kapelica Gallery in Ljubljana, Slovenia, the Science Gallery in Dublin and the Waag Society in Amsterdam. KiiCS is an inquiry into how science and art can be brought closer together in order to stimulate innovation and creativity.

Natural Sciences as Catalysts
At the Future Innovators Summit, the KIICS project invites Ars Electronica festival goers age 14-17 to its third Open Training Workshop. The focal-point topic is how the natural sciences can act as catalysts to develop ideas and to expand artistic latitude.

Round Table
The workshop will be followed by a round-table discussion of techno-scientific innovation. The panellists will include representatives of the European Union, ICT & Art Connect, Studiolab and KiiCS.


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Ars Electronica interview with the artist Roy Ascott









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