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ICT & ART CONNECT: Ideology of creativity


ICT & ART CONNECT: Ideology of creativity

The ideology of creativity – a false image, a collective delusion, a constructed reality: one that is more attractive than reality, which is that many activities that people are forced to participate in by patriarchal power structures, do not represent fulfilling and original work, but the execution of other people's timetables, plans and agendas, which involve blocking real creativity in the name of preserving a culture that makes a virtue of living life like a plague of locusts. Whatever name one gives to the ideology of creativity – ICT & ART CONNECT, STARTS, STEAM or SEAD – they are still the ideology of creativity. No amount of CONNECTing, STARTing, STEAMing or SEADing will change this fundamental and uncomfortable truth.

Ideology of Creativity Inc. – a company established by the highly schizophrenic, artist-technologist pairing known as Julia and Paul: making your delusions seem real.

Julia and Paul: operating at the nexus of science, technology and the arts; boosting synergies; breaking down silos; embedding technology more gracefully in society; producing unconventional and compelling new products; making science and technology appear respectable; promoting a more innovation-oriented mind-set; and making technocrats dreams come true by curing creativity and other deficits.


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