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Esprit Project 26390 - Provision of OMI Information Dissemination Service


The PROMISE project aimed to improve the effectiveness of OMI's information dissemination by providing support to help and encourages users and project participants with exploitation of results. The dissemination action included an OMI promotional newsletter, and attendance at appropriate dissemination events. PROMISE collected information, identified opportunities and instigated promotion activities and provided feedback for strategy and planning. PROMISE issued newsletters and bulletins and organised the OMI conference (EMMSEC) that was be held in Florence in November 1997.




Information dissemination, electronic commerce, multimedia, embedded systems.




Cheshire Henbury (UK)


PROMISE Results - EMMSEC Conference

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PROMISE Results - Project Bulletins

Hardware and OMI

Whose software makes the world go around

Tooling up for tomorrows world

How smart can you get?

Keeping the motor of the European economy in good condition




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